SiN Easter Egg - Room of Hot Material (PG)

1. Warning: this contains sexually explicit material. Stop reading if you have not reached the legal age.
2. I found this egg by myself. And I haven't read it mentioned any where else.
3. It is at a very late level, called Sinclaire Residence. Blade finally arrived at the home of Elixir Sinclaire. The front door has an alarm so Blade has to enter via the basement. Then he would work through a lab into the second floor of the house.
4. Blade now has two options: going down the stairs to the main entrance, or continue on the second floor. Continue on the second floor, into the library.
5. You now have book shelves all around you. If not, you are still in the corridor and the next room ahead is the library.
6. One of the books is moveable. Use it and one of the bookshelves will slide back for a brief moment. Better turn on God mode now because you would be ambush inside.
7. Ignore the technician and the CCTV. Explore the area. There are 3 ladders: two leading up, onw leading down. The two "up" ladders lead to more ambush and nothing else. Ignore them
8. Follow the "down" ladder to an L shaped hallway. Beyond the corner are two Robo-Spiders. Wipe them out.
9. At the end of the hallway is a door. On the door is written "Janitor Bob". It is locked and requires a key to open. But the key never existed. Nor Bob nor his body.
10. Use cheat code (/nocollision) to move through the door. Explore the small room inside. Evidently Bob is a, eh..., man. The adult magazines all over the place don't worth the trouble getting here. I do not wish to spoil your excitement. One strong point about SiN Easter Eggs deserves praise: that it is so reasonable. The existence of what you see is more reasonable than that of the RoboSpiders guarding it. If there was a Sinclaire Residence in the world at all, there is no reason why the Janitor Bob room would be not there as well.

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Contributed By: Alex Fung on 07-25-1999
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SeraphAP writes:
they key does exists. go to the area near the end of the level, by the pseudo-erotic sculpture. "use" the walls by the windows until a door opens to a small back area. besides a few baddies, there is the janitor's key located on the ground in a low area.
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AlphaFAT2 writes:
This is a true thing. But if you want to see more just walk into the wall behind the monitor and look up there is the room with sinclair in it and she loves plesure.
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Does anyone have a screenshot of the Janitor's room or the masturbation scene?
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