Zelda: Ocarina of Time Easter Egg - A Lot of Cheats and Tidbits (NOT AN EGG)

I'm surprised these haven't been posted yet, 'cause I didn't make 'em up. I have tried to give credit where due, and where I remembered to, but they are all basically copied out of other people's discoveries, and I may have deleted some authors *accidently*. But if you own Zelda 64, check these out; you have no idea of all the fun you are missing out on in the greatest '64 game to date. (The "no sword trick" is somewhere in the stack--it is required for many of the codes.)

Do the no sword trick and ride epona to the gerudo archery. Equip the
longshot while wearing hover boots and shoot 1 of the 4 targets on the
wall while on epona. link will rise in the air. then using the control
stick move link around through the entrance to where you are, move him
around to the far right corner as much as you can and eventually all
you can seeis ablue backgroung with link flying around!

as kid link go to the left side of the drawbridge at hyrule castle
market during the day. position the camera so that you are facing at
the chain then jump off the edge straight at the chain, keep holding
up on the controll stick . link will try to hold onto the bridge to
pull himself up but the chain will push him off ,(keep holding up) this
will happen over and over (unlike when he tries to hop onto a table
with a jar on it ,and simply gets pushed off) this will happen very fast
and link will flap his arms and grunt,suspended in mid air above the
water, it doesnt lock up the game and to stop just let off the stick,
he will fall into the water...

first do the "Other weapons on epona" glitch.... then take epona to lake
hylia. Have the Ocarina equipped, and the iron boots. Stand on the edge of
the lake and pull out the ocarina. You should now be off epona. Walk into
the water until you are below the frozen entrance to Zora's Domain by pulling
back on the control stick. Press A, then quickly equip the Kokiri Boots.
You should now be swimming in sky. Swim toward the passage to Zora's Domain
and get inside of it. (You may have to switch back and forth between the
Kokiri and Iron boots). At this point you will warp to Zora's Domain. Equip
the Iron Boots so you won't float to the top. You are now under Zora's

Play Ocarina Underwater--To play the ocarina underwater you must first get
out your hover boots and have your ocarina on a c button. Go to lake hylia
and go to the shallow area right above the blocked warp. Then with the hover
boots you must run to the edge and pull out the ocarina. If you did this
right you should have fallen underwater with the ocarina out. Then you can
play one song. But there is one catch, you must do the weapons on Epona trick
(use the deku nut)and that includes the swordless link trick

1. You have to have swordless Link and Epona
2. You have to put your Ocirina on one of the c buttons
3. While you are riding Epona switch to your ocirina.
4. Play Saria's Song
5. When you finished playing the song put your ocirina away and you will behover Epona!

Crazy Jumping
To do this trick you must have the hover boots. When you have them, go to the frozen
Zora's Domain and go up the stairs to the king. On the platform where you talk to the
king, do a forward-roll towards the frozen waterfall. When you hit it hold forward on
the joystick. Link will start madley jumping up and down.

Laser Pointer for Zelda 64
As adult Link, select the hookshot as one of the C-buttons. While holding Z, press the
C-button for the hookshot. Then press R to pull out your shield. If you did it correctly,
you should be holding you shield with the same camera angle. Press A to escape the camera
angle. If you performed the trick right, Link's hookshot will still be "aiming" while you
are moving around.

Zombie Afterlife
By: Fat_turtle@hotmail.com
First off, do the Swordless Link Trick. Go to a place where you can hookshot, and use
your horse at the same time and be able to drown. AND you must have the Zora Tunic
unequipped and a bottled fairy. Jump on Epona and play the ocarina to get off. Then equip
the Iron Boots and jump into a lake or moat, etc. When the countdown to drowning starts,
press A to teleport back to Epona. While the countdown is still ticking, hookshot
something while on Epona. Make sure Epona is standing still before you hookshot anything
or you are screwed. Stay on Epona with your hookshot connected to something until time
runs out. You will 'die' unpainfully on Epona. (Don't worry, it doesn't count on your
death record). The fairy wil rejuvenate you and when you are 'alive' again, press A to
dismount Epona and you'll moon jump . When you land, you can't look through you inventory,
use anything, enemies will be frozen, you will walk with the sound of Iron Boots, your
life will be at ZERO! and other odd things (try swimming).

Play a Bottle Like an Ocarina
By: Travis Gilbert (nintendokid21@hotmail.com)
I discovered this trick while trying to do the 21 bottles trick.To turn a bottle into your
Ocarina, follow these three easy steps:
Take out a bottle
Swing the bottle through the air(make sure you don't catch anything in it or the trick
won't work)
Just as the bottle is in mid-swing press start and go to the item screen.
Switch the bottle you have out for your ocarina.
The bottle will still be in your hand but when you go to play the Ocarina Link will put
the bottle up to his mouth and it will turn into an Ocarina. Then when you put away your
Ocarina,it will turn back into a bottle you can keep doing this as many times as you want.

Play Your Bow as the Ocarina
By: Ryan Romero (viclenarom@aol.com)
I found this trick while trying the "play the sword as the Ocarina" trick and found
the bow could work to! First you get a bottle with a fish or a bug, then you go to a
dropoff "like the stairs in Kakariko village". Now you put you bow on the left c button
and the bottle on the down c button. Then you jump off the dropoff. In the air press the
bow and bottle buttons. Link should pull out the bow and play it. For the best view lose
your shild and don't equipt it until later.

First, I have found this out in the small room in the Desert, which is where you find
the "Poe of the Desert". If you can find any other places to do this, then you can try
it there as well, if it works. Now when you fall into the room, equip the Hover boots then
stand on the part of the floor that is a bit higher then the rest and has the 2 torches
and the treasure chest on it. Look at one of the pots then run to it with the Hover Boots
still equipped. Now, the problem is, you need to move around, trying to move over the other
pot or try "rolling" exactly before you fall down and land. It may take quite a few tries,
but if you're lucky, the pot will slip through your arms and will cover Link's entire chest,
making it look like he's wearing it. You can run around and all, but if you press A, then
you will throw the pot off you. There are other places to try this fun glitch at, so try
searching for other places that seem to make this glitch work.

Play the Ocarina Without Having it Equiped
By: BoUnCe976@aol.com
While playing Zelda (you must at least have one Ocarina song), press start and go on
the "Quest status" screen , go on a GREY music note (not a warp note) and play it.
While playing that song (could be Zelda's lulaby or any other grey notes) , hold up
on the analog stick and hold it up. When the song is over , you'll move off the note
and shouldn't have to repeat it. Now press any button and you should hear your ocarina,
press start. Now you can play the ocarina while fighting or while running around!

Play Your Sword Like the Ocarina
By: pc53714@navix.net
Go to a drop off and get a useless item (like a fish in a bottle) and put it on the
bottom C button. Then jump off the drop off and push B and the bottom C. If you do
it right Link will swing his sword and when he lands the sword will be I his mouth like
the ocarina is. It really plays but the pitches are weird. This is very hard to do so if
it doesn't work the first time, don't give up.

Epona Cam
By: Matt Thomas (thomcsms@aol.com)
First do the swordless Link trick then hop on Epona. Have your deku nuts equiped to a
"C" button. While riding uphill hold "Z", then press the "C" button with the deku nuts
equiped on it. If the camera stays behind Epona you when you fall off you did it right.
Now the camera will stay behind Epona instead of you. Press "A" when you want Link to
reappear on screen. PS: Thanks to Wes Campbell for his help!

Shield Trick
By: David Fuller (paladin_07@hotmail.com)
This is a wierd trick that allows you to be in the position of holding a deku shield
but using the Hylian shield. First off get out your deku shield and hold [ R ] now hit
the Start button and go to the equipment subscreen, select the Hylian shield. Press start
again (still holding [ R ].) and you should be holding your arm in front of you while
having the Hylian shieldon your back. If you try this the other way around you'll have
the Deku shield in front of you but you'll be a foot off the ground.

Hidden Item Shop in Ganon's Castle
By: Nature's Perfect Warrior (HomeRunRit@aol.com)
If your having trouble in Ganon's Castle, follow my instructions to find a hidden and
very useful item shop. First, go to the lower level in the main room. Next, put on your
Lens of Truth and hug the circular wall. You will eventually find a space in the wall.
Go inside and there are fairies flying around and Deku scrubs selling potions. Make sure
you catch the fairies with your bottles. Then, when you die, they'll fill all your hearts
and bring you back to life.

Killer Link
By: Ian (IanMcNugget@nanosec.ts.uvic.ca)
This is a neat trick I found Kakariko Village. First, you need to go to thhe House of
Skulltula (The place where you claim your prizes for destroying gold Skulltulas). Walk
around the room until one of the cursed Skulltulas falls down in front of you. Z-target
him. take a quick swing at him with your sword. When he reacts by swinging around, quickly
run around him and slash his soft back like you would to defeat a Big Skulltula. He will
scream in pain and turn a blueish colour as if you stunned him!

Your name in japanese
First off, Ultima and ZeroFoxie you rule!!!
Second, I have a really good code to share with you all. This code is MINE, its also
posted on my website Hyrule Field (http://members.xoom.com/Hyrule_Field) which is under
construction at the time...Anyway, back to the code. I know how to make your name on the
title screen in japanese!! Its really cool, but it involves usong the Crooked Cartrage
Glitch. Ok, Go into a new file. When your at the screen when your naming your file, do
the CCG and enter your name. DONT PULL OUT THE RIGHT SIDE. Only the left. After
your done doing your name, hit End and push the left side of the cart back in. Turn your
game off and then back on. Your name should be in japanese it is so cool!!
Submitted By spyder456@hotmail.com

Two headed Epona
Hey, guess what! Me and my sister found a really cool trick. See, she was playing the
game, and we where talking about it. And we had the idea at the same time. Here's how to
get a two headed Epona. Go to the Gerudo fortress in the daytime. Go look at exactly where
the Horse is at the horseback archery place. Now play the Sun's Song and then call Epona.
Now go to the same spot, and park Epona there. Play the Sun's Song again, and then go back
to the spot, but whatever you do, DON'T call Epona! When you go back to the spot, if you
did it right, (Which you probably did, it's pretty easy,) then Epona should be melded with
the other horse! Now, we're probably not the first to report this, since it's so simple,
but It's fun! You can do this at Lon Lon ranch too! I always thought Malon was a horse
person! (Okay, I'll cut that out now)
Oh well! So have fun with these! (Credit for the first trick goes to my sister and I,
and the second I did by myself.)
Submitted By -Compucreature

Messing with the music
Why is this secret caused? When certain things are done in the Gerudo places, the game
messes up in music. It's because the player does an unexpected thing, and the game can't
react. Really, you must ride Epona to Gerudo Valley when the Sun is at its zynth
(middle point). Then, goto Gerudo's Fortress. Get off her and then walk back to Gerudo
Valley, then back to Gerudo's Fortress. Play the Sun's Song:
C-right C-down C-up (repeat once)
Then, since this was unexpected, the game doesn't know what to do and reacts by playing
music at night. Love your site,
Submited by: Cameron Tidd

Neon blue pedestal of time
Okay, first when you are a kid don't get the Hylian Shield at all. If you get it, let a
Like-Like eat it. (Don't know if that's important) Do all the things to get the Spiritual
Stones without the Hylian Shield. When you go to time travel, do all of that normally,
still without the Hylian Shield. I call it the "LinkFrek's Shieldless Trick" I doubt it
has the possibilites of the Swordless Trick though.
Time Travel and everything should work as it did before. After you talk to Shiek go to
"The Altar of Time" and do the "Get navi stuck trick." Everything should go black and it
should do that. After everything goes talk, walk toward the "Pedestal of Time" and it
should turn a neon blue light, probably from the arrow on Sheik's head. You can stand on
it and everything.
This trick only worked for me once and was hard to pull of because of it's discovering
by accident. This trick may not work on some versions.
Submitted by and credited to LinkFrek

Exploring new areas:
As you are gonna see on the next glitches and in this one, as soon as i knew the 5th
bottle trick, i started trying it whith any item in the quest status, and one of the first
ones was the fairy ocarina...Well, what you have to do is, after you go out of the kokiri
forest for the first time, go and get the bottle at kakariko (its the only bottle you can
get at this time), and do the trick replacing the fairy ocarina with a bottle, now go to
met zelda at hyrule castle and learn zelda´s song whitout having the fairy ocarina, check
the one you take out to learn the song, The Ocarina Of Time. I was checking the screen of
this "ariana" (i know the case is closed), and I noticed it was the same sceen as the
one youll see by performing this glitch, and replacing Impa whith the owl...

Exploring new areas:
*Hyrule Castle*
I found a way to get onto the grassy edges. It was easy, and I mastered it in15 minutes. There is a wall you can walk up to get up there. I think the neatest thing about this is that there is an invisible platform which goes high up. It is on a slant.
1) Go to the passageway with the sign that says "Dead End".
2) Turn to your left and you will see a sharp corner which has an angle less than 90 degrees.
3) Walk to the corner and try to walk up it. If you move in the right angle, you will notice you can walk up the wall a little bit by a few inches, but will fall.
4) Once you're on about 3 inches, zoom in. You should see the vertical corner line run down the middle of the screen. Move the view so that the line is on the middle of the sword icon. Now zoom out.
5) As carefully as possible, move the joystick forward and you will advance up the wall. You will have to move the joystick farther than normal to move yourself because you're on a slant. Be careful no to fall. If you think you are about to, zoom in and realign yourself.
6) Keep moving slowly upward until you reach the grass. Do not run fast until you're on the grass. If you do you will fall and lose your patience.
7) From there, you can explore the edges of the grass. You don't have to worry about sliding down, for it won't happen. You can look at the castle and how it is incomplete or walk on the invisible platform.
Did I mention all of these takes patience, and a lot of it?

*Death Mountain Canyons*
This is somewhat hard, and that is because it is directly on the edge at the
very top where the owl is.
1) Kill all Skulltula's on the wall. You need to incase you fall.
2) The wall in which you can climb is on the left at the edge. The direct left. It is only a half a foot taller than Link.
3) Try to get on the line a little bit. If you miss, you will either fall and land on the platform below (not the one with the Gossip Stone) or slide over the edge and automatically grab the wall from which you climbed.
4) Once you're on the wall, zoom in. Depending on which angle you got on the wall, centering the line may not work since it slants to the upper left corner of the screen. Walk up slowly.
5) You may notice that you'll fall a bit and end up back at the bottom of the corner. Keep walking up the wall until you're on the ledge. You're there!
6) I recommend you come equipped with a Fairy Slingshot or Longshot. Some of the walls are NOT solid and you can fall through. And another thing, don't bother exploring the side of the mountain you are on; it is a death trap.
One wrong move and you will hear that noise you hear when you fall in a pit, thus starting where you last came from.
You can climb to the crater top and look down to see the tunnel below, or you can hit the clouds above you with the Fairy Slingshot. The top is the highest point in the game and you can see everything, even the sun below the level. I tell you, though, the top edges of the texture need to be anti-aliased!
Check out the platform Biggoron sits on. Notice how pixelated it is! It's a nightmare!

*Navigate Haunted Wasteland*
...backwards. As child Link and adult Link, it is possible to get through it backwards. Once you know how, it is easy. I've done it a hundred times so far. I was desperate to get to Gerudo Fortress, so I took a piece of paper, traced my tracks as I followed the Poe, and then tried it backwards. It worked, and I memorized the landscape in doing so. I found out the barriers are the polylines. Walk over it and you're gone. I know which ones to walk over and which ones to stay away from.
1) Go to the Desert Colossus and then to Haunted Wasteland. Child Link or adult Link, it doesn't matter.
2) Once there, walk forward until you see the box. Get to the box for safety from the annoying green things.
3) While on the box, turn to your left. The arrow should be pointing to the upper left corner of the map. In the distance ahead is a sunken area, then a hill. You should see the polygon corner where the hill ends and goes not farther to the left. Run to the hill, avoiding all the green things. Once on the hill, you should see a polyline where the hill goes downward. DO NOT CROSS IT! Follow along the line.
4) Up ahead is a intersection where the planes meet. It is a sunken area that is noticeable during day, but not night. As you near it, go to the left of it and stay away from it by about 3 feet.
5) Assume your normal direction. You now see the poles to the right, but don't run to them... yet. That sunken polyline to the right is a trap.
6) Keep running next to the line until you are halfway past the stone place. Halfway. The two poles nearby are safe. You can turn right and got through them.
7) Tada! You made it! Now memorize it!
Submited by: Princess Ruto's Boyfriend

Freeze Navi:
Go to the temple of time... (AS ADULT)
Stand in front of the Three Spiritual Stones To where navie Turns green and Read what is there... then while still standing there
1.Play Zelda's Lulaby
2.Play Saria's song
3.when the dialog comes up if you wish to speak to Saria Hit B to Speed it up
when you hit a Only the First Line will be Visable and the Box will dissapear Navie is Stuck and most of the Windows lights are gone....
Submited by: Khar 64

You'll need a parachute:
Okay, here goes. The first thing you do is walk up the chains of Hyrule market town. Then you play the sun's song or wait till' night.The drawbridge will come up. NO, IT'S NOT THE RED RUPEE THING!!! Face the city. Then.......
JUMP!!! You will fall through the ground. WHERE DID HE GO???????? Watch your
Submited by: Magicpntz@aol.com

Fishing out of Lake Hylia:
As adult link, go to the Fishing Pond. Get the rod, and put on your hover boots. Go out
on the water, and cast. While you are casting, press start and change to the Iron Boots.
You will now be able to walk around. Go to the door (control will be hard) and exit. You
will now have the fishing rod outside, but it is invisible, and if used, will freeze Link
until he is hit by an enemy.

Swordless Link:
(Perform previous glitch ). Now, save your game. Restart the game and load your save file.
You'll be without the master sword, and you'll have a "beta" Deku Stick assigned to B.
Don't use the Deku Stick, as doing this will make the game crash. Note that using the
reset button will not work. The Deku Stick does have a form...when I tried it while
fighting Gannondorf, I saw a transparent shell of it, but of course, it froze. To get
back the master sword, go back in time to young Link, and then go forward 7 years, the
Deku Stick will dissapear and you will have the Master Sword back.

Invincible Deku Stick:
As young Link, go to Kokiri Forest and where the Gossip Stone is, jump on the fence. Go
to the other side of it, which is the "short side." Hit the fence with a deku stick, and
you'll be propelled backwards. You'll grab on to the fence, and you'll have an invincible,
but short deku stick.

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Special Requirements: Zelda 64 game cartridge, N64
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O.K. The swordless trick. 1 - Get to the end of the game (I.E: When Ganondorf turns into Ganon) 2 - Wait til Ganon knocks the sword out of your hands. 3 - Save. 4 - Reset. 5 - Load the saved game. Tada!!! The Swordless Trick!!! (Sounds so simple now, don't it?)
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ConCor writes:
Ok about the trick to get into the windmill... If you look closely, you can see, with no great difficulty, a wooden post that you can latch onto with the hookshot/longshot. You dont have to aim at the windmill arms or anything. Oh. And the chicken is up there to get the heart piece in the big house (the one with the cow in the cage, I forget how the house is special) if you diddnt get it while a kid (with the owl).
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I WILL be booed out of here, I know it, but . . . NONE OF THESE ARE EGGS!!! All of them are glitches, and even the most cheat-like glitches (i.e. the extra bottles, the infinite skultulas, etc.) are still glitches.
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Ben writes:
I found out that the pyramid everyone thought the triforce was in is actually a lot of pollygon lines put togethernto form a 2-d picture. I know this because i did the swordless link trick, and did the flying link trick on one of the poles right before dessert collosus. I flew over the polygon line, and kept going. The desert wasn't windy at all, just sand. I flew off in the distance, and went right through the pyramid! That just proves it.
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Keatonfox81 writes:
Be careful when using the Crooked game thing because if done incorrectly can result in permanet damage in one of you game files, you'll know if this has happen if you see a slot grayed out with "disk" attached on the end.
13 of 16 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
About the crooked cartridge trick: This hasn't been explained the right way. You must have one other name besides the new one. Make a new name, name it anything you want. Pull out the left side of the cartridge only a LITTLE bit and you should hear some weird noises. Save the name, restart, and the names will be in Japanese.
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G@mer writes:
It's because once you completed one dungeon (as an adult), after have talked to the sage,you come back in the game surrounded by blue light coming from the sky.You can easily check it.(Sorry for my english,I come from France ;)
11 of 16 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
Rigel writes:
By the way, more L to float glitches: 1. Pick up a medium sized rock (one that requires at least the silver gauntlets) as old Link. Use the L button to get off the ground for however long you want and then fall back down still holding the rock. The rock will cover most of your body and you will be able to move around with the rock. 2. Float up for a long time and fall until link screams. Control your fall in midair with the L button until link is hovering slowly just above the ground. If he hits the ground, however slowly, he will crouch and get hurt as if he had fallen a long distance. 3. At the very end of the game, Link will approach Zelda in her garden. Press L to float while the screen goes to the picture view. When the screen freezes in a brown frame, Link will be held in whatever position you left him in, and might not be on the screen at all. If this doesn't work, try doing it earlier in the ending and laugh while the characters talk to themselves. These are not eggs, just glitches from erroneous programming.
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Fletcher writes:
No, there is NO WAY you can get the triforce. You are either lying or the person who previously rented it knew a fantastic gameshark code no one else knows about.
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About the Chicken in the Windmill thing: Once you get the Nayru's love thing, go to the windmill and fly down with the chicken. Then go to the 2 guys that are laughing by the tree. They will be talking about the guy who "Fell from the sky surrounded by a blue light"! Not helpful, but kinda cool.
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The sword less trick only works for the older versions of the game. All the gold games have this trick. I don't know about the gray ones. Also something else that's fun to see. 1. Do the sword less trick 2. Equip the Hook Shot 3. Get Epona 4. Go to the bridge before the Gerudos Fortress 5. Use the Hook Shot and shoot one of the poles 6. You should get stuck here, hit A to get out of that view and get off your horse 7. When you get off you should start flying! 8. Explore around if you want to 9. To get down just go to the spot where you hit the pole, if you get it just right then you will jump up in the air
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Tuxedo Kamen writes:
In order to use the Sword-less Link code on versions other then 1.0 you need a game shark. Do the code as normally but have the "All Equipment" code on. After you lose the sword, save and restart. You'll still have your sword but it won't be equipped.
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HyperHacker writes:
The 'Japanese Names' trick doesn't translate anything, it just switches the game to the Japanese character set. You really shouldn't do this though, it can permenantly damage the game.
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abbytherat writes:
Beat Gannon with a Bottle Trick While fighting Gannon, when he's shooting energy balls at you and you have to deflect them with the sword, use a bottle instead. Unlike the sword, the bottle will diflect the energy balls every time as long as it is swinging when the ball hits.
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John-Paul writes:
uh, what is the crooked cartridge glitch anyway???
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TheGameKing writes:
The reason for the chicken being in the windmill is that that is one of the ways that you can get the heart-piece on the roof of a house in the village. Another way of getting that heart-piece is to walk off the roof when the Owl drops you off there from the top of the mountain.
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Tael writes:
What is the levitation trick?
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LastDay writes:
Darth's shorter trick works only in the first versions. You need the longer swordless-trick for versions where ganondorf has green blood.
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dahlillama writes:
Inside that house with the boxes at the horse farm, I noticed that if you look up the cieling is really high... and if you look from the right angle, there's a door way up there... does anybody know if there's a way to get up there, or if it has any purpose?
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saberwulf writes:
This is a fun cheat to try if you have a Gameshark and Version 1.1 of Zelda 64. If you enter in D01C84B5 0020 811DAA90 40CB the code will make you fly up in the air if you press and hold the "L" button. Release "L" to go back down. Here's what you can find out/do with this code: 1. The hole in the ceiling in Darunia's room DOES NOT go anywhere. 2. The "pyramid" in the desert IS ONLY A GRAPHIC GLITCH. 3. You can go up into the windmill tower in Kakariko really easily. What's weird is that there's a CHICKEN up there. 4. If you use this code as a kid and go to the Gerudo Valley and jump over the fence, the guards will arrest you AND THE GAME WILL CRASH because the Gerudo Fortress doesn't exist when you are child Link. Just a cool code! Not an egg, though...
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Striker writes:
By the way, here is a bug: DO SAVE YOUR GAME FIRST 1. Take out a bottle 2. Try to catch something, like a fish or a bug. 3. Just before you put your bottle away, press start, swap it with an item, and press start again 4. If you do this right, you will have a bottle instead of the old item
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007 writes:
Also if you activate the L for levitate trick do this. As an adult go to kukurro village. Enter the house with the fat woman in it. Hold L and push your self over the wall. Release L and you will hear Link make the sound that he is on the ledge. Push in any direction and you will fall off! Also there is a trick where you can go to the temple where you get the medals. If you go to the great deku tree as an adult but before you go through the forest temple look around the tree. You should see a stick floating in the air. If you approach it Rayuu will appear. He will teach you a warp song. It will not be on the pause screen. Play it and you will warp to the temple. My friend did this and has a screen shot of the staff/stick.
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Jake_Davis writes:
I have another way to have swordless Link if that paticular glitch doesn't work. SPOILERS ABOUT When Ganon knowck your sword out of your hands, equip the Ocarina of Time and an item you want to play as the Ocarina. GO to one end and run over to the opposite and climb some rubble. Get the item you want to play out quickly. Now jump off the press the item's button ONCE. Play the Sun's Song then the PRelude of Light. Note: Play the sun's song if you want to remain swordless after saving and quittin.
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WOW! You know as a kid in Zoras domain you see a little black hole that you can't get to witout iron boots? now that I can get under the ice I can get in there. No biggie but I wonder if that is a warp point to the pyrimid you see in the desert when you play the song of storms and lightning strikes(Ganon kept the triforce in a pyrimid in the desert when he had it) yes!
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Kym writes:
I haven't been able to do the Lake Hilia trick, so I can't do the swordless link trick!! maybe my version is newer like someone said, but I've been able to do others. Has anyone heard how to get the full triforce before Gandadore? I heard it has something to do with the Deku Tree but I haven't found how. The thing is, I KNOW it can be done because I rented the game with all three triangles filled with gold on the pause screen. Ya know, the one with the emblems around it. How many Spiders do you have to get in total?
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De Passe writes:
Hey, I can´t do the swordless Link trick. Even the one with Ganon doesn´t work. If I save after I lost the sword, and I reset the game, I'm in the tower again and the Master Sword is still there. Could it be that it doesn´t work because I've got the German version? (I'm from Germany.)
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Joe writes:
If you guys still have the original Zelda, for the original Nintendo, heres something for ya... when you name your character in the VERY beginning, name him Zelda, if done correctly you should see the picture holding a white sword, this just started the cheat that when you finish the game, Ganon is in a different place and you slay him again!
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zeldafreak64 writes:
I can't do the Swordless Link trick! I have the grey cartridge version where Ganon throws up green blood (1.2?). Is that a problem??
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I found a really cool trick to do while messing around at Lake Hylia.You can make link swim on land.The easiest place to do this is the island in the middle of the Lake.Face the opposite shore that leads to the exit.go into the water and start swimming towards the shore then hold z.the camera will switch to a view above links head.now press start while still holding z.Equip the iron boots and link will sink but will still be swimming on the bottom(still hold z).Now, when he gets to land he will come out of the water and swim on land.If you use c items he will wave them around with one hand.If you use longshot or bow he will stand up and point them at the ground and if you use the ocarina it will disable the glitch.Also, you must hold z and forward the entire time.
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Vulpecula writes:
Note~~~On all newer versions none of these work (except for haunted wasteland navigation)
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Trivimaster writes:
mcbeanish> You can't kill a chicken! If you hit it too much times though it will call its friends and they will attack you! (painfull)
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JellyDonut52 writes:
How do you do the sword trick!??!!? Please I really need to know.
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I already knew the "play bottle as Ocarina" trick ages ago (before I knew about this site). And i discovered that you can do the same thing with ANY item that you hold. All you do is equip the item, (maybe even use it once just in case), then play the ocarina (make sure both the ocarina and the item are equipped at the same time in the first place), and then cancel by pressing B. you will find that the ocarina turns straight back into the item. keep trying it, it's fun!!!
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Br11 writes:
About the falling through the ground at the castle trick..... you can do a similar thing at the forest temple with a hookshot. Stand right under the tree you can hook onto and shoot the bottom of the protruding branch.. When you touch the bottom you should be standing on top of the branch. Then just face the entrance to the forest temple and jump. You should fall through the ground but then appear in the forest temple.
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ActivGamer writes:
Here's a really neat glitch: Try doing the "Crooked Cartridge Glitch" to translate your name into Japanese until the first two games get erased, and then try to get past the guard to the lost woods, ripping out the left side of your cartridge until the "Navi get Stuck" trick doesn't work because Saria won't talk to you- she must have suffered brain damage in the CCG process. :-( Good thing I have another copy, and another Nintendo, or else I'd be really screwed. :-O
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Brox88 writes:
Fun things to do in Zelda: 1:Use deku nuts against queen ghoma and you will have a pleasant surprise. 2: To find the secret x-ray specs you must complete these simple steps: - find all 100 skulltulas - find all pieces of heart and full heart containers - speak to 25 gossip stones with the mask of truth - die exactly 100 times Where the fourth bottle used to be there will now be x-ray specs. This cheat takes a lot of practice, so if it doesn't work the first time, start a new game and try again. 3: When you first climb to the top of Death Mountain as little link, go inside the crater and jump off the ledge. Dont be scared, you will magically begin to fly just before you hit the lava. 4: you can walk into some gold skulltulas for a free gold rupee. 5: chickens are good for target practice.
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Ben writes:
Trivimaster, all you have to do is get the swordless link trick, then go to where you are about to enter the haunted wasteland,use the flying link trick to hook onto the pole nearest you, then get off epona, fly into the desert. If it worked so far, you should go above the poloygon line, so it doesn't say you entered into the desert. Then, you just keep going until you go right throught the pyramid. If the pyramid was real, you would of gone into it like you do when going throught the ice at Zora's Fountains.
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MissingNO writes:
There's a hole in in the city (not the castle town) inside the fenced-off area that you can get to in the medicine shop. I think it is a death trap. It is the already open hole.
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RoL@NdO_2000 writes:
I don't know if you already know this one, but it really leaves me wondering... when Links an adult and you're at Kakariko village, you use your long-shot to get on the top of a roof thats near the windmill... You face the windmill, aim your long-shot, and fire!... You get hooked and toed to the windmill inside a window. I wonder, why is there a chicken there??
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Trivimaster writes:
By the way, as adult Link, go to Kakariko village. Use the hook/longshot on the roof of the house closest to the windmill. Face the front of the windmill, there will be an opening in the front, hook/longshoot it and if done correctly you will go inside. Walk all the way upstairs. There will be a chicken there, pick it up and you can float all the way down the mill!
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X91 Code Red writes:
I Figured out how to get the triforce!!!! As Young Link go to koriki forest and talk to everyone 3 times. Then go to the castle when Zelda is. BABY Ganon will be there. If you win, you catch him in a bottle and bring him the guard at kakariko vilage. (You gave him the mask remember?) Well if you give it to him, something good will happen ( He will give you the triforce) (PS: IN YOUR FACE!!!) Thank you gayvanlommel!!!
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Ali writes:
All these cheats are pretty cool but it took a long time to read them all. Trying to kill a chicken is really funny though because all its mates attack you and you end up dying. I don't know whether this one is common knowledge though or not, but if you catch a chicken and jump of the top of a high place (i.e. the Gerudo valley) then the chicken flies and you glide down. Easy! Also play Epona's song for a cow (any cow) and it gives you milk. (please tell me if everyone knows these)
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