Nevermind (NIRVANA) Easter Egg - Endless Nameless

after the song "Something in the way" wait, after about five minutes i think, there is another song, you cant skip directly to it, but you can save time by "fast forwarding" i dont know if it works on the tape. but......have fun!

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Contributed By: Dave Rowe on 08-09-1999
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Special Requirements: the cd before it was rereleased
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Nacho writes:
The easiest way to tell if the song is on the disk is to look at the disk itself. CD's play from the inside-out, and any disk with the hidden track will have 3 clearly visible bands on the outer edge of the cd. (The first being the silence of 10 minutes, the second being the hidden track, and the third being the unused space at the end of the disk.)
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lakewrswin writes:
Actually, Vile is right to a certain extent. I have the Nevermind it's an Interview CD, and what he says is true, however. The song was sort of a joke and left on the master tape from the studio. The company burning the discs from these tapes thought that the noise and/or song on the end was a mistake left on by accident. The first 100,000 copies were burnt without the song, when Nirvana got one and heard that the song wasn't there, they got pissed and had the rest burnt with the song on there. So, the 100,000 copies out there without the song on it are actually rare (though most would think 100,000 is not rare, you have to consider that there are about 10,000,000 of these cd's circulated now), and hard to find now. I have a copy of both because I got lucky and found a friend who didn't like this CD, and had on of those copies.
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vile writes:
So far you are all *wrong* in your description of this hidden track. In a rare promo only interview CD titled "Nevermind, It's an interview" which was released to select radio stations around the US circa 1992, the boys explained the song which begins 13:51 after the start of track 12... (Dave Grohl) "When we got our first CD and popped it in, we listened to it...oh let's check to see if that track is there, and it wasn't there. The reason for it, I think the original reason was because 'Something in the Way' is sort of like your slower, whatever song. It's the last song on the record and most likely to be listened to by like someone that would have like a carousel CD player and so, ok, why not just screw up their little carousel deal?" He goes on to further describe it as a 'total noise song'. It was never named by the band; it was supposed to be a joke! If you don't believe me...feel free to send me an email and I will send you a .wav or .mp3 format file of this quotation from the interview. Let the truth be out!!!!! -Vile
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Downer89 writes:
The person who said that the first cds did include it and are RARE and the ones that dont have it are NOT-RARE, was wrong. This is from a book titled, Nirvana: The Chosen Rejects. Nevermind 1991: First 50,000 CD copies did not include the unlisted bonus track "Endless Nameless." On this CD the water is painted all the way to the center of the CD; on the second version the color stops and the center is clear. And on page 98 it says: Creating a gold mine for collectors, the first pressings of Nevermind did not include "Endless Nameless." The oversight by DGC was corrected shortly thereafter when a new pressing was immediately sent out once the error was discovered. So the cd's that do not include "Endless Nameless" according to this book, are RARE, and those that do include it are not rare.
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Fonzi writes:
This "hidden" song is commonly known as "Endless, nameless", but this name has been "friendly" given by fans, in fact I know that it has another name but at the moment I forget it. The blows you can hear on the last seconds is Kurt who smash his guitar on the studio floor. (Excuse me for the bad english but I'm an 17 years old italian boy) Thank you.
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Skabbi writes:
Let me try to clear up a little about the european editions of this CD. I don't know anything about the USA releases, as I dont have any of them. I have a german pressing bought in 1991 (German editions are the most common here in Norwy) this copy has the hidden track. I've also checked my wifes copy, also german, but bought in 1996, a rerelease, and it also has the hidden track. I even went to a couple of my friends and checked out their copies. One of these was the UK version, and it also had the hidden track. I don't know anyone who doesn't have this track on their CD, so it is NOT rare in Norway at least, probably not in any country with the german release. I have also checked out a couple of tapes (MC's), and none of them has this hidden track, neither does my LP. By the way this track is called "Endless nameless" on the "Come as you are" CD-single.
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YoSoyJu writes:
The song is actually a jam that they would play in practice often. When they took many takes of Lithium and still couldn't get it right, they went into this jam to relax. The producer Butch Vigg just let the tapes roll. At about 19 minutes and something Kurt does smash his guitar and then runs over and screams into the mike which Butch turns down to compensate but does it too much and you can barely hear the scream but it's there. They spent the rest of that day of recording looking for a left-handed guitar to replace the one Cobain broke. Later, Kurt heard the song and liked it and told them to put it on as a hidden track. It was sort of a joke, but he actually liked the way it came out.
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The 13th writes:
"Endless Nameless"IS the name of the song, you can also find it as the the B-Side of the "Come As You Are" single.
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autofyrsto writes:
I actually found this hidden song only after I found its parody on 'Weird Al' Yankovic's "Off The Deep End". For those who aren't familiar with "Off The Deep End", the album features his parody of "Smells Like Teen Spirit", which he called "Smells like Nirvana", and the cover of "Off the Deep End" depicted a Weird Al swimming after a doughnut, rather than a baby swimming after a dollar. About thirteen minutes after the closing song, "You Don't Love Me Anymore", the silence is shattered by about seven seconds of atonal noise and hilarious screaming. I must have listened to it and laughed about twenty times over! Only then did I return to my copy of "Nevermind" to search for whatever lay beyond "Something In The Way". What I found could only be properly described as an 'Easter Egg'!
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hoofum writes:
Arthur Lester is correct. First pressed 50,000 copies (U.S. only) don't have the track. The rest up until 1994 do, then after that, no track (to this day, I believe). I heard that it was taken off around the time of (or because of) Kurt's death, but I'm not sure how true that is. Downer89 might not be totally correct. Or the book he mentions isn't. It depends on when the book was published too. If it was pre 1994, then the hidden track wouldn't be rare, but since it was taken off in post 1994 editions, it's rare again (but not *too* rare). I purchased my CD copy of "Nevermind" in 1992, I believe. On my copy, the water is printed to the center of my disc with no clear. My edition *does* have Endless Nameless at the end. My older brother purchased "Nevermind" post 1994 with no Endless Nameless. His has a clear spot in the center of the disc. So, my "painted water to the center" edition was not one of the first 50,000 pressed, since it does include Endless Nameless, and my brother's "clear centered" edition doesn't have the track, and it's probably not rare these days. Maybe there was more than two non-special editions of the U.S. "Nevermind?"
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brettman73 writes:
I am 36 years old. Nevermind came out when I was a senior in high school, 1991. I bought it after my at-the-time bandmate had a subscription to subpop, and they sent him stuff in the mail all the time. After hearing Bleach I was blown away and was at the cd store buying Nevermind the first month it came out. I still have it. The cd itself has the water printed all the way to the inside hole. It has NO BONUS TRACK. I didn't hear it untill sometime later on another friend's cd. I bought the book "Come as you are" by Michael Azzerad (in '93 i think) before Kurt killed himself. In this book there is a discography listed and it plainly says that the first 50,000 copies do NOT have the bonus track. So HA! My copy of the book also has no final chapter about his death (which they do now), because it hadn't happened yet. Pretty neato. I don't know what the stuff is worth, but I would like to know.
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Jay writes:
okay ... I remember my mate telling me this back in '95. We tested it out and it seemed true ... all copies of NEVERMIND where the numbers on the back of the disc (circles around them) OVERLAP the picture on the back should have the hidden track ... all copies where the track numbers DON'T overlap the pic DON'T have the hidden song... I'm pretty sure I'm right or it may be the other way round, but I DO know that those numbers overlapping the pic have something to do with it.
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Ashe writes:
The song "Endless Nameless" isn't part of "something in the way". This song was created when Nirvana was recording "Lithium" and Kurt got frustrated and smashed his guitar. Toward the end of the song you can hear the guitar die and Dave and Chris just kept playing.
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Doc_Strange writes:
The song is also on the "With The Lights Out" box set.
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Ok gang, here it goes, hopefully the last and official "version" of events. The first 50,000 cd copies of the first pressing (I'm talking U.S. only) do NOT have "Endless Nameless" (the bouns track and that IS the tracks name). Every cd pressing after that UNTIL 1994 have the track. Why it was pulled off, I don't know. But those are the facts. At one point, the inital pressing was worth a little bit of coin but now, no. Unless you are a FREAK!
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muricio writes:
Well, i have a friend that lived in Japan for a year or more, and when he came back he borrowed me a copy of Never mind (Japanese version) that contained this hidden track (and seems that the track was commented on the extra booklet with the lyrics - included on almost every Japanese release). Some years later, i ask my mother to buy me the Nevermind CD when she went on a trip to Miami, in 1994, after Kurt's death. And, for my surprise, the track was there! I think they re-released this version after Kurt's death...or the CD store in Miami was keeping some copies from the first pressing...
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Lee Roy writes:
It doesn't seem to matter which country you get the CD from. Some have it some don't. My vinyl copy doesn't have it and my friend's CD doesn't have but some peoples copies do have it, go figure!
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hasbeen writes:
I have the nevermind CD, and i listened to the last song on it, and i heard no "endless nameless" song discussed in the egg, does this mean that my copy is rare? or am i doing something wrong and i need to do something special to be able to listen to it?
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muzik007001 writes:
actualy no one has correctly described how to find or spot an origional cd that has the "hidden music"! first of all only the first run of cd made have the hidden track. i don't know the exact # of cd's that are out there but i do remember that the album sold out the first weekend it was released, and those were the only ones that had the music. and the reason i refer to it as music and not a track is because to hear it you have to go to track 12 then fast forward to 16:09 in that same tracki and thats when you first start hearing the music. it's not an aditional track theres just a long silence inbetween. and you can tell if a cd has the "extra's" by looking at the back of the cd. there is a very visible silver stripe near the outer edge of the cd that is not there on all the others. that's how i was able to aquire tw0 aditional copies of the cd not including my origional which i purchased when it was released. the best place to look for a copy is a used record shop not only because they have old merchandise but also everything is already open so they have objection to the customer taking a cd out of the jewel case to inspect it. other than the facts i pointed out the cd's in question are identicle in every other way. i see it as a small reward to the genuine fan's of nervana who purchased there music before the grundge fad hit!
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Piranhahaha writes:
Endless Nameless is definitely on the Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs Gold Disc, which is beautifully remastered version of Nevermind -- track it down if you love this album. It appears at the end of track 12, Something in the Way She Moves, but well after that song is over -- fast forward to the 13:50 mark, and let it rip. I personally hate Endless Nameless, finding it ugly and not something the boys put a whole lot of thought into. Plus, Nevermind sounds better ending with Something in the Way She Moves. But snag the MFSL disc if you can find it.
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Actually IT IS available on the UK CD. Sadly it ain't on the tape.
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Endless Nameless is on the UK CD! I know because I checked on my own copy recently. I also know, that Something In The Way is at least 3.45 minutes long. Sometimes it helps to check rumours before you add to them.
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MTails writes:
"the cd before it was rereleased"? my Nevermind CD doesn't have the hidden song on track 12 (Something In The Way)...or elsewhere.. oh well.. maybe mine's a 'rereleased' version?
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amber765 writes:
actually my friend told me that it's only on the gold edition of the CD or something like that
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Nash Rambler writes:
A version of "Nevermind" with "Endless, Nameless" on it is not terribly difficult to come by. I work in a record store that sells new, used, and rare CD's and LP's. Simply go into any record store that sells used Cd's and ask to listen to one or two different copies. Your chances of finding one of these "rare" Cd's are very good, indeed. Also, don't exepect to get a bunch of money if you decide to sell your "rare" copy of "Nevermind" to a used Cd store. You will be sorely disappointed!
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alien writes:
Actually, that song isn't rare, at least not on the UK CD's. I bought my Nevermind CD in 2001 and "Endless Nameless," or whatever it's called, is on my CD. Maybe it's just in the US that's it's rare and the CD's that they made for other nations had that song in it, because I'm sure as hell mine isn't one of the first 50,000 copies that were sold. Anyway, if you don't have it, don't worry. You're not missing much. It's just basically Kurt screaming on the mic and a whole lotta noise.
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SilverFang82 writes:
There are several reasons why this song was not included on the album itself, which the band originaly was going to do; foremost of these reasons is that David Geffen didn't think that it would sell as well as the rest of the album, which had a more polished sound than Nirvana's other material (notice Nevermind sounds nothing like the other albums). The sounds you are hearing are pure, unadulterated Nirvana at their peak. Enjoy! Peace, love, empathy...
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wes writes:
I do not have the copy of the NEVERMIND with thye secret track but when it comes to Nirvana i am courious so i got the single Come as you are. the song is awsome. so if you are courios of what the song sounds like just buy the single at amazon or something its only like 3 or 4 dollars.
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mfsl_junkie writes:
Whoever brought up the thing about the circles with the track numbers on the back overlapping or not overlapping the picture having something to do with the presence of the bonus track is wrong. I have two versions of Nevermind, both of mine have the overlapping track numbers, and yet only one of them has the bonus track, which is not the ordinary Geffen release. The Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MFSL) Ultradisc II version of Nevermind (the gold CD version, for those of you who aren't audiophiles and don't know about MFSL) does have the bonus track. I will also add that the MFSL version was not released until 1996 (check any site with a discography of MFSL gold CDs), but gold CDs follow a completely different set of rules. A side note: the out-of-print gold CD is very much worth the high prices to obtain it for reasons other than guaranteeing that you will get the bonus track--there are some incredible guitar effects that are clearly audible on the gold CD that can't be heard at all on the regular Geffen releases. I think this is because either Geffen did a really bad job mastering the tape to CD (and MFSL did a much better job converting the analog master to CD, and their reputation was built on doing a really good job remastering), or MFSL used a different and superior master tape for the gold CD (I know for a fact that something like the later explaination happened for the gold CD of Bob Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde"). All I know is that my version is rare and has the track (try finding any version of Nevermind from MFSL, the 200-gram LP or the gold CD--they're much harder to find than most titles from MFSL).
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mitch writes:
All you people who think you have a RARE copy, "your nuts" its total rubbish. If you have got endless nameless and you are telling all your friends it was within the first 40, 50 or 100 thousnad copies ever burnt, Dream on and get a life. However if you want to buy my copy for £200/$360 you are welcome to it.
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MissMelissa writes:
I have the "hidden" track on my CD. I bought my CD way back in late 1993. I definitely did not purchase one of the first 50,000 copies, as people are saying. All I know is, my good friend at the time purchased Nevermind around the same time I did, and she too had the bonus track. The people who are saying that the track is only included on the first 50,000 copies released are all wrong.
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Since about half of you say that it is rare to have it and half say it is rare not to have it, i shall clear this up... It is not rare either way, it doesn't matter when you bought it, it doesn't matter where you bought it, and it is not an egg... it is too easy to find for an egg. My cd is a uk cd and has the track. And it doesn't matter if you have it or not, it's just for fun... so stop being 'clever' and calling it rare... it is not rare!
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the hidden track was on the 1st 50,000 copies
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blink writes:
The reason its not on every copy is that Kurt wanted to do something similar to the beetles,by having a hidden track,but he hid it to well most people never knew it was on there. The song was only on the first 40,000 copies,because the album did exceptionally well,and they forgot to put the hidden track on the remainder of copies they produced.
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holly writes:
the extra song is on my UK album but how do you know its called endless and nameless????? o and its got some really weird noises in the extra song as well, what are they all about?????
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Tranzoken writes:
People, listen up! The song "Endless Nameless" on the end of the Nevermind CD is only on SOME copies. It is NOT on all of them. If your CD does not have it on there, then it just simply does not have it. You are not doing anything wrong and you didn't get ripped off when you bought your CD. The copies that have the bonus track are VERY RARE. The copies that don't have it are NOT RARE. The copies that have the track were part of the FIRST ever printing of the Nevermind CD, so to have a copy with "Endless Nameless" on your CD you more than likely would have to have bought is in late 1991 or early 1992.
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