Simpsons, The Easter Egg - The Following People Are Gay!

1. when Kent Brockmon is announcing that "The following People are gay" Hit the slow-mo button
2. Look and you will see that all the names are the entire Simpsons production team including Matt Groening

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-21-2000
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Special Requirements: A vcr, prefabley with Slo-Mo and that simpsons episode when the metiorite is about to hit
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Khameleon writes:
Here are the names of all the listed gay people: MATT GROENING, Executive Producer - KEN TSUMARA, Animation Co-Producer for Gracie Films - GEORGE MEYER, Co-Executive Producer - JOEL KUWAHARA, Assistant to the Producers - BILL OAKLEY, Supervising Producer - ELIZABETH JACOBS, Assistant to Mr. Mirkin - JOSH WEINSTEIN, Supervising Producer - JANE O'BRIEN, Assistant to the Producers - ANNETTE ANDERSEN, Assistant to Mr. Groening - JENNIFER CRITTENDEN, Staff Writer - MIKE SCULLY, Producer - DOMINIQUE BRAUD-STIGER, Post Production Assistant - GREG DANIELS, Producer - Produced by JOSEPH BOUCHER - AL JEAN, Consulting Producer - PING WARNER, Post Production Assistant - MIKE REISS, Consulting Producer - CRAIG FEENEY, Assistant to the Producers - Produced by RICHARD RAYNISS - DON GILBERT, Assistant to the Producers - DAVID MIRKIN, Executive Producer - JACQUELINE ATKINS, Assistant to the Producers - CHRIS LEDESMA, Music Editor - MARK McJIMSEY, Dialogue Sound Editor - Music by ALF CLAUSEN - ALISON ELLIOTT, Post-Production Supervisor - Produced by DAVID SILVERMAN - DAVID COHEN, Story Editor - Only the top half of the last name appeared, so I'm not sure if it's correct: N. VYOLET DIAZ (no reference in the credits) Let me know if you can figure this one out. Thanks. -Khameleon
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Let me point out that it's actualy the entire Simpsons crew, EXCEPT FOR the writers of that particular episode. Makes it all the funnier.
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ThInc writes:
I am not (yet) sure when it started, but in Season 14, Episode 4 (F55305), N. Vyolet Diaz is credited as "Assistant to Mr. Groening". The list above was Season 6 (Annette Anderson was Assistant to Mr. Groening). Odd. I am wondering if this is a real person, or something like the anagram of Dick Van Dyke in the credits of Mary Poppins. N. Vyolet Diaz shows up in the television credits, under "Special Thanks", of "Great Performances",Chuck Jones: Extremes and In-Betweens - Life in Animation" (episode # 28.4, 22 November 2000), as detailed here:; Matt Groening shows up on the same list, though. "Vyolet Diaz" is listed in "the Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular" (Season 7, Episode 10, 3F31) on a list of people that make the Simpsons possible, which Troy McClure says is from Matt Groening. Both of these appear after the Season 6 episode, though.
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Mark writes:
They actually comment on this in the audio commentary for that episode and say that they all had to sign a deed so they couldn't sue their own company. very funny
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Spyder writes:
I know one of them on that list is: The artist formerly known as (artist formerly known as prince's logo)
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