WinFax Pro Easter Egg - WinFaxPro Developer Credits (v10.0)

This egg has been reported as a bug or problem several times within the last few weeks to Symantec. Under certain conditions (undefined to users to date) the whole screen will be taken over by a scrolling list of developer credits, including pictures. The event that activates it is selecting the Preview option for a fax one is about ready to send. According to Symantec, it happens frequently on some systems, never on others and occasionally on others. It happened to me once and locked up my system, requiring a reboot. It is not funny or otherwise interesting and Symantec representatives indicate it will be taken out of the next update. It was not in previous versions.

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Contributed By: Lloyd Smith on 07-04-2000
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: WinFaxPro version 10.0
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jeffdee writes:
I found a pattern to this egg's occurrence; it happened every OTHER time I tried it! I had to close the preview screen and close the 'send' screen, going back to Message Manager and then do it again a second time (From message manager click SEND, then from the send window click on PREVIEW) before it would work. The Escape key stops the egg and returns to Winfax. It definitely works, although I haven't tried it on other computers - anyone else??
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Mel writes:
About half way through it has a picture of a man with "generally annoying person" as the description. I could exit easily by pressing escape
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DV8 writes:
So did they say they would send you a copy of the new version when it come's out. Or do you just have to put up with it!!!
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jjwinc writes:
I produced this egg on three different machines with regularity and it didn't crash the system. I submitted the instructions a few days ago, but see that this was posted instead. Dunno?!
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