Lois & Clark Easter Egg - FOLC Mention!

In Season 3 of Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman The fans of Lois and Clark are given a secret mention. In the episode titled
"Oedipus Wrecks" the scrolling red news bar appears in the background as usual. This bar is used to give the journalists, updates of world news etc and it is constantly running.

In one shot the bar is seen in the background and the word FoLC (meaning Fans Of Lois & Clark)appears on the bar, as the producer's etc way of paying tribute to the dedicated fans.
A nice touch I thought!

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PDXGordon writes:
Lewis and Clark were the two leaders of the expedition Thomas Jefferson sent to explore (and lay in a future claim for) the Louisiana Territory. During their explorations, they made it to the area later known as the Pacific Northwest and spent a winter on the Oregon Coast just a few hours drive from my home. I thought it was a great touch to signify that the show was going to explore the now-legendary relationship in a new direction: it wasn't just going to be a series about Superman--it was going to be about the team of Lois and Clark, two investigative reporters who teamed up *VERY FREQUENTLY* and became friends and romantically involved--which was rarely (if ever) touched in any of the comic books, the old movie serials or tv show, the cartoons, or the Christopher Reeve movies opposite Margot Kidder. In all earlier versions, it was always Superman first and foremost. Here, it was a complete change--Lois and Clark were the focal points of the story, and Superman was almost an afterthought. The producers wanted to focus on the human characters, not the guy in the familiar blue tights. I felt it was refreshing in the extreme, and during the first few seasons, I never missed an episode of the show--it was my favorite series then.
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Knucklehead writes:
Only if you're talking about the expedition sent by Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Purchase (and beyond), which we are not. Besides, even in that case, it's spelled "Lewis" Since we're talking about the superman series, it's spelled "Lois"
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Jimmeny Cook writes:
Could it be that the name were MEANT to correspond to the two explorers? From what you are saying, from an outside point of view it looks that way.
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BigAO writes:
When the superman comic book was created over fifty years ago, the characters were named Lois Lane and Clark Kent. What the original creators had in mind, I don't know. However, it sounds to me like they were simply trying to create names that began with the same consonant sound to make them easier to remember. The television show was titled "Lois and Clark", and in that case I'm sure that people were meant to make the connection with the famous explorers. That's just marketing strategy, so that WAS intentional. You are right Jimmeny. In conlusion, what's your point?
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WHAT ARE YOU ALL TALKING ABOUT???? FoLC means Fans Of Lois And Clark. I am one so I know it first hand and... Lewis and Clark has nothing to do with this "egg" what's or ever! Nice egg, I haven't paid attention to it in that episode.
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Johngo Kongo writes:
The way I heard it, Jerry Siegel named the characters after Clark Gable and Lois Amster(a girl Siegel was interested in). Perhaps the guys who made the tv show realized the similarities with those explorers, that I have never heard of before, and that is why they named the show "Lois & Clark" instead of "Lois Lane's Daily Planet" or whatever they thought of calling it at first...
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Disgruntled writes:
Huh? How would relating the show to Lewis and Clark be any kind of marketing strategy? And besides, it's *Lois* and Clark, not Lewis. It happens to be the name of the two main characters so they named the show after them because their relationship is the main focus. It has nothing to do with Lewis and Clark.
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BigAO writes:
You obviously weren't paying attention to which link you clicked on. The show is called "Lois and Clark", because the two main characters are Lois Lane and Clark Kent. Louis is a guy's name. By the way, even if you did think the reference was to the two famous explorers, you are still wrong. Their names were LEWIS and Clark.
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dorrn writes:
Isn't that "LOUIS"?
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