Cannibal!: The Musical Easter Egg - The Visitors

I read about this on some web pages and I didn't see it listed here, so I'll add it...

About 2/3rds of the way through the movie, the party is lost in the mountains and they are eating their shoes to stay alive. There is a cut to Noon eating a shoe and behind his head in the back is an Alien!

Also, as Swann sings the first version of Let's Build a Snowman, while he is tap dancing, the camera has a wide shot of him and the snowman. The snowman's head is an alien too.

I've heard that there are more (I think 4 all together), but I can't remember them all off the top of my head! Check it out!

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Contributed By: DJ_Saiyan on 11-27-2000
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DJ_Saiyan writes:
There is a web site called "Cannibal! The Musical World" that talks about the Visitors. I believe it was discussed in the Ian Harding interview.
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You are correct! MY GOD!!! I have tried and tried to put this easter egg on the site, but they just wouldn't accept it! You're lucky. Anyway, enough bitterness, I spotted the snowman becoming an Alien Visitor. It appears behind Swan when there is a long shot of him tap dancing in the snow. I'll look for the others.
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Becca writes:
There is also an alien in the final musical number "Hang the Bastard." If you look closely in the barn near the top of the screen there is an alien head moving up and down.
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leeThal writes:
also, when packer gets beaten up in the bar, by a huge crowd, one of the shadows on the wall is an alien, they mention this in the audio commentary of the DVD, also the animal skulls on the wall of the bar have alien eyes/features
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