Legacy of Time Easter Egg - Lots of Letter "E" Eggs

In an alternate version of the timesuit discovery in Ruined Atlantis, the suit's faceplate opens to reveal a production crew member in full Vulcan regalia. That's Michel Kripalani, the president of Presto.Apparently an old Halloween party photo came back to haunt him.

In El Dorado, revisit the central temple after you've been decked down the shaft by Khan in Shangri-La. Hold down "E" when you click the ventilation shaft's little zoom magnifier and you'll get a rapid journey through the center of the earth.

hold down "E" as you're walking toward the shaman's house, the image on the side of one of the balloons will change from a warrior to a cat.

In the drained pool, press all four of the bird heads (they look rather like parrots). A strange tone will sound and a piece of cornbread will appear in the back stall of the farmer's stable. It can be used instead of the medallion in Atlantus, and try dropping it into the butter boiler in Shangri-La.

Also in El Dorado, there's a scene which has you using the elemental heads around the Legacy altar as a Whack-a-Mole game! Drag the coins from Atlantis onto the altar, then watch the fun.

In Shangri-La, you can zoom into the top-right bell of the temple bells puzzle. The back is revealed as a can of "Shawn E. Ellis's Original Weak Sauce". (Ellis is a controller/accountant at Presto, who apparently annoyed some programmers with bean counting.)

Hold down the "E" key when your mouse is over the bell; it should change to the Rotate icon, then click.
The butter boiler in Hell's Realm. It can also be used to oil the rusty prayer bell.

Though there are seemingly innumerable ways to get Khan to introduce his fist to your face, there's one that causes you to see little tweeting birds above your head. Assume the form of someone he hates (and punches on sight), and attempt to talk to him three times.

Hold down "E" while walking up to the pilgrim by the cliff, then turn around to see a Mountain Dew can sitting on the pedestal.

NOTE TO MAC USERS: I'm told that you have to use the ` key (left single quote) instead of "E" to activate some o

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Contributed By: Agent Calavera on 12-06-2000
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Special Requirements: a PC and Journeyman 3
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Dave writes:
Also, when you are walking through the underground tunnels in Shang-Ri La (or something like that). If you hold down the 'e' key while switching the tunnel doors, and then look at the walls there will be x-file type messages and pictures.
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Lara2001 writes:
Some of these eggs have been posted already.
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saberfire writes:
Sorry, but i get stumped easily. Could somebody make egg #two a bit clearer? Por favor?
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