Bedazzled Easter Egg - Rock Star Wish!

Having seen an advanced copy of bedazzled there's something special about an easter egg me and a friend found already.So you know the story,Brendan fraser gets 7 wishes etc etc..well one wish never made it to the big screen.When you find it it even indicates that you half to be 17 or older to watch this {parental discression crap} so heres what it is and where to find it.
In one of Brendan's wishes he wishes to be sexy and ends up being gay,well in this deleted scene the devil shows up at the end and tells him bad boys are admirored more then nice guys,then it goes to brendan being this Alice Cooper/British rock star on stage and causing all sorts of chaos.This easter egg is long,something like 10-15 mins.It truley is a great scene and changes the movie BIG TIME.Heres where to find it.When you go to special features go to more,the menu will have Elizabeth Hurley as an angel on it,click to the right and a small pic of her as the devil appears and thats where it is.Even if you dont like this film this is truly one of the best easter eggs out there {well when it comes out march 13th}.I cant believe the content of the film,theres drug use,sexual behavior and liz hurley's standing right there taking pictures of the entire thing,Brendan even blows up the room there in after he walks off stage during the show,it's truly a great scene and would of given this an R rating.I'm just glad it's on this DvD,it's defantley worth checking out.

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Contributed By: Redfive on 02-13-2001
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Starmiter writes:
This is a fantastic egg, and it's existence solves a minor mystery, namely, how could such a well-written story drop the ball when the number of used wishes were being calculated, and the devil cites the Big Mac & Coke as one of the wishes. Even for the devil, this can't be correct since the wish was a 'free sample' and happened before Eliot signed the contract (actually, what would've worked better would be the devil arguing that his wish to be "The Most Sensitive Man in the world" was a separate wish from when he amended it to "The Most EMOTIONALLY Sensitive Man in the world," since they weren't able to use the rock star wish, but I digress...). It definitely helps showcase the acting range of Brendan Fraser, despite the humble beginnings of 'Encino Man'... ;-)
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Spinky75 writes:
This egg doesn't work on the R4 version as far as we can tell. There is no special features menu.
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The_Zaniak writes:
Well, on the Region 4 DVD, you don['t have to look for it. It's right under 'Deleted Scenes'.
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CRaveneau writes:
I was skeptical at first, being that you had it early, but I saw the scene. KICK A** MUSIC! I can see why it was R-17. I wish the swear words weren't bleeped, though. It's really ******* annoying!
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gram writes:
this egg is probably the best ive ever seen. i found it the other day and decided to add it, but i see its already here. if you thought the movie was decent (or even a letdown) get this dvd and watch this cut scene. altho it is hilarious (i laughed my ass off the entire time) i can understand why it was cut. i dont think the movie would have been r with it; i believe it would have been nc-17. the fact of the matter is, the mpaa is trying to cut down on drug use in movies and this has flagrant drug use (including a song called "take the hit"). the scene definitely changes the theme of the movie and while great, would have ruined the movie (which honestly wasnt that good in the first place).
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Lindsey writes:
Just commenting, I saw it, and it's a fine PG-13!
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