Banjo-Kazooie Easter Egg - Shape-Shifting

To active these cheats you must first get the jiggy from the sandcastle int treasure trove cove.
after you have done that go to banjos house (where you first start off) and stand in the middle of the carpet, then use c-up to look at the picture of bottles on the fire place he will ask you if you want to try a secret puzzle and then explain what to do.
after you beat each puzzle you will recieve a code which you enter in the sandcastle floor the codes are
bottlesbonusone- big head banjo
bottlesbonustwo- big hands and feet banjo
bottlesbonusthree- big head and wings kazooie
bottlesbonusfour- tall skinny banjo
bottlesbonusfive- tall skinny banjo with big hands and feet
bigbottlesbonus- all of the above
after this there one more puzzle that you aren't told about
wishywashybanjo- turn into a washing machine!!!

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Contributed By: SHADOWMASTA on 05-15-2001
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HyperHacker writes:
Sometimes Mumbo will accidentally turn you into this, then back. You don't actually get to play that way though. If you go through the puzzles, you can play as the washing machine, which can walk in most kinds of water without getting hurt. (There are 7 puzzles, but after the 6th one, he says there aren't any more.)
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The washing machine is a regular transformation in the sequel, Banjo-Tooie. My guess is that it was originally going to be used with the 64DD along with the eggs and ice key. What's interesting is that I got the washing machine thing in Banjo-Kazooie a different way. I swear I'm not making this up. I remember I rolled into Mumbo's hut and he accidentally did the washing machine thing. I was cracking up, but I thought it was quite wierd. I haven't been able to reproduce it though.
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Taryn writes:
duh! everyone should know that if they have played the game for at least 20 hours. I have played for 84 and something minutes...
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