Privateer Easter Egg - Text Adventure Hidden Among Game Files

1. Take a look at the files in the game's installed directory - you should notice one very small file with a seemingly meaningless filename. (Note: if you have the Privateer mission addon, there will be TWO of these!)
2. Check out that filename BACKWARDS! It should read as ADVENT.BAT (I think - it's been a while). Note this includes the letters of the file's extention.
3. Create an empty directory (anywhere on your drive) and copy this file to it, and then rename the file to it's 'proper' name. (If you rename it but keep it in the Privateer directory, it will ask you to move it.)
4. Before you run this batch file, you might want to ensure you have enough environment space set aside for the batch file's 'variables'. If you have a lot of parameters listed when you type 'set' at a command prompt, there's a good chance you'll run out of space when you try to run this. I THINK this is set up through an option of EMM386.EXE in your config.sys file (but again, it's been a while!). Also, I've never tried this with Win95, so its possible that the memory management in a Win95 DOS window will take care of this for you. And of course there's also the chance that this won't be a problem with your current DOS setup - I mention it only because when it runs out of space when you try to run the batch file, it can leave your command prompt and 'set' parameters looking rather odd.
5. Run the batch file!!! The first time you run it, it will create a dozen or so smaller batch files that act as the verbs for the game. From there, the batch file should explain itself, and you'll have a bonus little text adventure to play!

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Contributed By: Josh Giesbrecht on 07-12-1999
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: DOS 5.0 or better
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guzzardo writes:
If you have the Righteous Fire add-on there will also be a file called tabtxe.nda. Use the same procedure on this file, and you will have the sequel to the first game (which, again, just hints at an upcoming sequel, hmmmm...).
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