Riven Easter Egg - Lights On

1. Do the 5 steps for revealing the secret movies
2. Go to the room with the whark sculptures
3. It is located in the Temple-Island just before the maglav-car
4. Looking at the room from the exit (where the maglav is found)
5. There is hidden switch in the left side -- on one of the pillars
6. Press it !!!

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Contributed By: Gvili Ronen on 07-12-1999
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@ssKicker writes:
There are actually 6 steps for revealing the secret movies. You just start the game and click on each of these places in order: 1. At the start, come out of your cage, go towards the stairs, turn right and look over the cliff. Click on the unconscious guy. 2. Go to Boiler Island, go into Gehn's lab, find the little chest of drawers where Gehn keeps bird's eggs and click on the little orange one. 3. Solve the Animal Stone puzzle on Jungle Island, go to the Moiety Age and in your prison, click on the little bowl on the table. 4. On Jungle Island, go to the submarine. Travel in it to the place with the five switches. Look out of the window there and you'll see the sub, back on the cliff. Click on it. 5. Go to Survey Island by taking the maglev from Boiler Island. You might have to turn the maglev around and then get out, but go to the room with a long handle. Pull it, and a lift will come out of the floor. Don't go into the lift, but from where you are, click on the little star on the top of the lift. 6. Last step- take the maglev from Jungle Island to Temple Island, or travel there by linking book. When you are next to the blue button near the maglev station, turn left. You'll see a triangle of light, and if you look really close, you'll see the letters RAWA, the nickname of one of the Riven programmers, Richard A. Watson. Click on the letters and then you're ready to see the REALLY funny Easter Eggs, e.g. Gehn singing, a Silly Putty commercial and walking in the air!
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@ssKicker writes:
If you don't have to click on Cho in your version of Riven, that could be why many web sites or other sources of the Easter Egg info don't add Cho to the list of Click-Spots. I remember Myst was released for Mac and PC at the same time, (I found that on some web site, but PC is just Personal Computer), maybe Riven was released for PC before Mac, and the Riven production team got rid of the Cho bit. And I know why they did- that would leave 5 steps rather than 6, so it's easier, quicker and if you know the D'ni number system, you'll know that they work in base 5 instead of base 10 like us.
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@ssKicker writes:
Actually, on my computer (Windows 98) you HAVE to click on Cho! I tried countless times to unlock the eggs without clicking on Cho. It didn't work. I don't know if the same thing applies to other computers, maybe yours was a different operating system. (@_@)
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Theorem writes:
yeah but what are the 5 moves, come to that what are the hidden movies Theorem
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@ssKicker writes:
Something I forgot to mention- you MUST click on Cho (that's the unconscious guy's name, by the way), 'cos some sites only list five steps and miss him out. And to see what the hidden movies are, just look at other Riven eggs, they'll say them. And there are many slipups in Riven, too! When you take the mine car ride, you probably won't have noticed that the shadows are in a different place at the end of the ride than when you start. Surely the ride couldn't have taken that long! And when the Rebels shoot you with the dart, think- these are primitive darts, they won't fly too fast, yet it seems to hit you immediately! And drug you quickly, too.
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Empress writes:
All right. I give up! You say do the stone animal puzzle, click the bowl, THEN do the submarine thing. Maybe I do it differently, but I have to put the switches on BEFORE I can get on the wierd tower that leads to the Moiety cavern. Then I have no access to the submarine! I thought you mixed them up, but another person says the same. How do you do this? Or is this all just a cruel joke?
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BubbaJoe writes:
Actually, to see Gehn singing all you have to do is put the Rivin disk #4 CD-ROM into your CD slot and use quick time on the first movie. Thanks. Alex
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RLF writes:
I use an iMac.
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