Moulin Rouge Easter Egg - Clarification of 'from Motivation to Out Takes- 15 Eggs'

In case some of you don't have the 'chapters' system as noted in another Egger's entry (From Motication to Outtakes- 15 eggs) like me, and were confused by the instructions like me (again), I've created a clearer version that I hope is easier to follow. It works for me on the 2 cd edition of Moulin Rouge!.
As that person had said, there are 15 eggs hidden on the second cd.

1. Zidler's Cancan:
- goto the second submenu
- highlight 'Back' and press right
- a fairy will appear so press enter.

2. The hammer egg.
- click on 'the story is about...'
- press enter on '3. Old story lines and script comparisons'
- highlight 'return' and press right. a fairy will appear which you click on.

3. A long egg with Ewan getting a surprise from Baz
- enter 'the stars'
- once the little intro video has ended, type in 9 and 17 on your remote. Depending on what kind of DVD player you have, you may need to press enter in between the two numbers.

4. Another under 'the stars': John Leguizamo in his sitar getup
- choose 'the stars'
- after the video runs, press 'more'
- highlight the box that says 'John Leguizamo as Toulouse Lautrec'
- press up and enter on the icon

5. Baz explains the magic of ADR
- goto 'the design' on the second submenu
- go into 'set design'
- go into 'spectacular spectacular'. Instuctions appear, and you need to use them so read it a bit.
- press right two times (onto the second picture) and press up
- I forget which icon appears, fairy or windmill, but whatever it is click on that

6. Another one under 'set design' is an egg where Nicole Kidman reherses the scene after 'come what may'
- click on 'the gothic tower' in the set design menu
- click right five times to get to the fifth picture and press up.
- click on the icon.

7. Also in the 'the design' menu is an egg where Ewan has something fall down his pants. good stuff.
- goto 'the design'
- go into 'costume design'
- go into 'a courtesan's wordrobe'
- press right four times (on to the fourth picture) and press up. a fairy appears which you click on to see this thing.

8. Another one under 'costume design': Ewan and the Bohos do the cancan.
- once you get to 'costume design', select 'the bohemians'
- go to the fifth picture by pressing the foward button five times. (directions will tell you anywho)
- press up and clikc on the windmill.

9. Another one under 'the design' (there are quite a few, huh): this is where you get to see how the top hat throwing is executed.
- once into 'the design', click on 'smoke and mirrors'
- you see a menu where 'evolution of the intro' is highlighted? good; press 5 and then 18. Like before, you may need to press enter in between

10. One more under 'the design': the nipple powdering.
- once you get to the menu after clicking on 'the design', press 18 and 99 on the remote. you again may need to press enter in between, I don't know; I didn't have to.

11. This is a really confusing egg of Baz explaining the motivation for the tango. Confusing maily because you can barely hear what he is saying.
- goto 'dance' on the second submenu
- press enter
- this leads you to another menu where it has 'the dance' again. press enter on that.
- highlight 'a word from Baz' and click right
- a fairy will appear so I'd press enter on that.

12. Also under 'the dance' selection is the egg where Baz dances to 'Like a virgin'
- after you click on the first 'the dance', click on 'choreography'
- highlight 'main menu' and click on the windmill.

13. This is an odd egg where Baz and another man are riding in a car talking about a blizard. It plays for maybe 3 seconds and ends abruptly.
- go into 'the music'
- choose 'the lady marmalade phenomenon'
- highlight the 'main menu' and click right to find the windmill.

14. John Leguizamo and his mother's house.
- go into the 'marketing' section on the second submenu
- choose the 'photo gallery' option and highlight 'Mary Ellen Mark'
- press right and click on the icon that appears.

and the last one.... (my favorite)

15. The " Your Song" where Nicole Kidman can not stop giggling (it's a good one):
- go to 'the cutting room'
- highlight 'Main Menu'
- press the left arrow button and a red windmill will apear
- press enter

Ok, well there's all 15 I know of. This took up more time than I thought it would and I really didnt want to spend so much effort on this, so I hope this helped!

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Contributed By: Meech on 05-14-2002
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Special Requirements: It works on the 2 CD version and I assume any other type.
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