Antipop (Primus) Easter Egg - The Heckler

Listen after the last track, or just fast forward it to 6:14 and you will hear "The Heckler". It appeared on their first album, which was live, but has never been recorded in a studio until now.

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ezcheez writes:
Actually, Suck on This WAS the first Primus album. -EZ CHEEZ (the band)
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jatjillywal writes:
Suck on this was Primus' first album (live or not, it's an album)and on that album is a fancy frolic of some of their best tunes. Primus did it backwards, most bands put out 4-5 studio albums then as a last ditch effort they put out a live album to try and prove that they still got it! (or to make sum extra cash) Suck on this is as follows: John the fisherman-studio recording on Frizzle Fry Ground Hog's Day-studio recording on Frizzle Fry The Heckler-hidden track-studio recording on Anti Pop Pressman-studio recording on Pork Soda Jellikit-musically re-written studio recording on Airheads soundtrack Tommy the Cat-studio recording on Sailing the Seas of Cheese Pudding Time-studio recording on Frizzle Fry Harold of the Rocks-studio recording on Frizzle Fry Frizzle Fry-studio recording on Frizzle Fry When Tim (Herb) Left the band after Tails from the Punchbowl (album that did not have a Suck on This studio song, ironic, Tims' last album) it was obvious he would be replaced (by Brain who debuted on The Brown Album, ironic that again no Suck on This studio song) so they could release the final un-recorded song from their live album that in a normal [which Primus is(was) not] bands' career the live album comes after many successful hits. After the release of Anti-Pop with the last Suck on This song the bands break-up was inevitable. Aye the last one be recorded as a secret track. My comments may not be the true 100% fact of how the band planned their career, but it sure makes a great coffe conversation. One more thing, Les Claypools studio Rancho Relaxo is a spoof from the Simpsons episode where Marge freaks out on the bridge and goes away to "Rancho Relaxo". Thanks for all the memories Primus, I pray for a reunion tour (and maybe an album?) chow fur now Robjit Jatjillywal Indascreet
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The Mad T. writes:
Just a few quick comments. First, Suck On This was released before any of their studio albums. It was followed about a year later by Frizzle Fry, and then the band moved to Interscope records for Sailing the Seas of Cheese. Second, the band has not broken up, Tim is back with the band, and they toured with him performing the entirety of the Cheese album. They also realsed a five song EP with a bonus DVD which contains all of their videos through anti-pop and all of the "Cheesey Home Video", which was originally released after Miscellaneous Debris and before Pork Soda.
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Jaunt writes:
The Heckler is also available on the Celebrity Deathmatch cd. Hidden in one instance but out in the open for another. Hmmm
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Diablo_Trout writes:
Actually, their first album was "Frizzle Fry", and it wasn't live.The live one is "Suck On This", on which "The Heckler" is track 3.
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