Usual Suspects, The Easter Egg - Who Is Keyser Soze?

In the opening sequence (Repeated later in the film), Keyser Soze shoots Dean Keaton before dropping his cigarette butt into a pool of oil, igniting an explosion aboard the ship 'Tanager'

The hand seen dropping the cigarette butt into the petrol stream is that of the director, Bryan Singer, as the scene was shot in his back yard.

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J.P. writes:
If you check out the trivia page for The Usual Suspects on it tells you that Soze is Turkish for 'talks too much' and Keyser is Turkish for King. Verbal is so-called because he talks too much so he must be Keyser Soze.
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Jacksonian writes:
Just to clarify, Verbal Kint is definitely Keyser Soze. This is made very clear at the end in two ways. He loses his signature limp, and the sketch drawing that is sent to Kujan is that of Verbal/Keyser's face. The character of Verbal Kint was made up by Soze. The real question is, how much of Soze's story that he tells Kujan is true? There are two possibilities. The first is that the entire story was completely made up and the whole movie was a lie. The other possibility, which I believe, is that most of the events he talks about are true, he just changed the small details, such as the names, and added a few random facts. (Such as the Barber shop quartet). I hope this clears up any confusion.
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Thinker writes:
It's really this simple (when you watch the film with a DVR and a pause button on the remote control):` while the Chazz Palminteri character (Dave Kujan) is mentally rehashing Verbal's recounting of events and it dawns on him that Verbal is Kaiser Soze, the killing of 'the usual suspects' is shown as it "actually" occurred; and as Dean Keaton (Gabriel Byrne) is shot, the full face of the shooter is shown for a fraction of a second. When you freeze that particular frame, the shooter--the man wearing the black hat and long black overcoat--is clearly none other than Kevin Spacey.
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Edster writes:
Director Bryan Singer said in an interview that it is in fact he who Kyser Soze! "The guy behind the guy behind the guy." Owh, what a tease.
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steelerboy22 writes:
That was revealed in the director's commentary.
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aureeelie writes:
My point of view is that there is three possibilities: Verbal is the Keiser, someone else is the Keiser that Verbal is working for or with, or the Keiser is a legend. I think Soze is a legend, and that is beneficial to many people: police is busy looking for someone... who doesn't exist. It may be long! The whole movie tells a storie that might all be made up by Verbal. I ended up wondering if the author of this movie knows who is Keiser Soze?
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SnapeyUK writes:
My ex-flatmate bought the special edition release with the extra video that had commentary form the writer and director over the top of the film. What is revealed is that Keyser Soze is played by a number of different people. You can tell this by looking at some of the shadows.
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Daniel P. writes:
At the end of the film, it is shown that Verbal Kint invented the entire tale. I believe this leaves two possibilities. One: Verbal Kint invented Keyser Soze along with everything else in his tale, so therefore Keyser Soze simply doesn't exist. Two: Verbal Kint is Keyser Soze. I believe a case can be made for either scenario. The film doesnt say which is correct. So it's up to each individual to decide. Isn't that what the maker of the tale intended ? Also, I didn't like this movie. LOL.
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Brainwasher writes:
For the Turkish-American....many people, myself included, believe Sosay was merely a story contrived by Kint. If that's the case, do you really expect Kint to know every detail of Turkish culture/history? And his exact quotes always used the words "some people believe". To make this film out as being short-sighted for not doing its research is dead wrong on your part. BTW, just got back from Istanbul for the second time in the past 3 months. The beauty of that city is only matched by its gorgeous Turkish women walking down Istaklal.
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jimmyc writes:
If you are able to get your hands on a voice sampler. Say into it, in a voice simmilar to the guy who survived the incident in the ship, 'keyser soze' when reversed it clearly says 'He's the Devil'.
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Renton writes:
I believe that in total around five different people played Keyser Soze within the movie.
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Heater writes:
So, in your opinions, Verbal Kint is NOT Kaiser?
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Hi there. I thought I should say a couple of things regarding this issue too since I am Turkish, well Turkish -American more likely. 1. Keyser is NOT Turkish for king. " Kaiser" means Emperor in German. Not Keyzer but " Kayzer" is used in some Turkish history books to address the German Kaisers ( i.e. Kaiser Wilhelm ) instead of Turkish version of Emperor, which is " Imparator ". 2. Also " Sose " or " Soze " do NOT mean Verbal. The right word for " Verbal " is " Sozel " in Turkish and it doesn't sound anything like " Soze " when you say it. Also unlike English alphabet there are two dots above the letter " O " in " Sozel " in Turkish alphabet( sorry I don't have that on my keyboard either ). 3. Besides in the film Verbal says that Soze's mom was Turkish and his father was German and Soze used to live in Turkey ( Istanbul ), that is laughable. Assuming that happened in early 70s ( that makes Soze born in 40's or at least in 50s so her mother must have married a German Guy in 40s or 50s) I do not think that there would be a Turkish woman married to a German guy and living in Turkey at that time. The first Turkish workers ( male only ) went to Germany in 1963 as a part of an agreement German and Turkish governments. It is not earlier than 1970s that Turkish workers in Germany brought their wives ( wives, NOT daughters ) to Germany in order to live together. After then Turks started to immigrate to other countries. For example there was almost NO Turkish immigrants in USA when everybody was rushing to the new world. Turkey had always been self-sufficient and close to foreign cultures and immigration to other countries was not even an idea until late 1960s. 4. There is a scene in the film that shows Soze's house in Turkey. That scene is so ridiculous. Obviously the person who wrote it had no idea what a Turkish house and its decoration looked like. It was more of an Arab home than a Turkish. The way his family dress is another story. LOL :-) As a result Hollywood once again proved how inaccurate its films are and how the films are made after a little research if any. " Midnight Express " was even worse at least Usual Suspects is not anti-Turkish. A lot of Turks get so upset even when somebody mentions that film but I still remember how much I laughed when I saw Midnight Express. Surprisingly it was written by Oliver Stone, yes THAT Oliver Stone. That makes me think that a lot of things we see in the films about the countries we have never been to are as ridiculous and inaccurate as the facts in Usual Suspects or Midnight Express. If Hollywood bosses had bothered to go and asked for help of an average Turk with the details prior to filming, then Usual Suspects would have been much accurate. Well, this is my two cents anyway. Nevertheless it is still one of my favorite films.
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