Andromeda (Gene Roddenberry's) Easter Egg - Behind the Scenes - Evolution of a Scene

The first sign there was an egg on this disc was when I inserted it into my DVD-ROM and the used drive space indicated was rather more than I had expected. A quick calculation accounted for the episodes and all the documented features such as interviews, comments, trailers, and the video menus. There I discovered that there was over 1 GB of unaccounted for data on the disc. I said this was a rough calculation, it turns out to be 1.52 GB (42 minutes) of behind the scenes footage. It is the evolution of a scene through blocking, rehearsal, take and retake.
The scene is from Episode 106 “Angel Dark, Demon Bright” where Tyr enters the bridge of the Andromeda Ascendant and recounts the Nietzschean legend of the “Angel of death” who destroyed their fleet of “overwhelming numbers” at the “Battle of Witch Head”

Now you know what it is, I suppose you want to know where it is.

Box Set: A.2
Disc: A.04
(U.K PAL version)

Depending on your system, the location may be labeled in various different ways.
The most common being:

Title: 1
Chain: 15
Angle: 1
Chapters: 1 - 8
Cell: 1


Title : 1
Streams: 25 - 32

I have not found how to access this through the menu system at time of writing.
If I do, I will add it in a comment.
If you do, please do the same.

p.s. I recognize some of this footage as it has be used in an advert for Andromeda season 3 on, here >
That’s a 2 minute (19.6MB) special advert in Apple Quicktime format, and my personal favorite clip on the site.

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Contributed By: miko on 09-09-2002
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Special Requirements: Andromeda DVD A.04 (U.K. PAL)
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