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I know an awesome, but extremely difficult, easter egg on Metroid Fusion. It could be one of the most difficult eggs on this site. I couldn't get the egg, because it's so difficult...but I know it's a real egg because so I've seen screen shots of it. I'm not sure who to give credit for finding this egg. Everyone I have seen or heard it from, says that someone else told them how to find it. So the origin of this egg remains a mystery. Anyway, here's the egg:

This is definitely the hardest thing to do in this game. You will most
likely need to repeat this many many times before you can pull it off.

There is a hidden dialogue in the game that you can get by returning to a
navigation room before you are really supposed to be able to get there. You need to get to the sector 4 navigation room just after opening the red shutters, (right after beating Nightmare),
but before getting the Diffusion Missiles during mission 14. This is really
tough to do and requires you master The Shinespark technique using the Speed
Booster. Once you have the Diffusion
Missiles you can't activate this easter egg.

First, for those of you who don't know the Shinespark technique, I'll explain:

The Shinespark is the "super/charge jump" you do after running to full speed and pressing down on the D-pad to charge (first seen in Super Metroid). You can Shinespark horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

The trick with the Shinespark is revealed by watching the demos if you let the game sit at the title screen for a while. It shows that if you do a horizontal Shinespark into an angled floor (slope), Samus will land on her feet and continue running at full speed. This can be done repeatedly, as long as you have slopes to Shinespark into, allowing you to carry a Speed Booster charge to areas where there is no room to build up the speed.

WARNING: During this sequence, remember that if you get hit by an enemy while
you have a warp charge ready (but aren't currently warping or running) you will
lose the charge! You'll have to try to avoid or shoot enemies that get in the
Starting from the room where you opened the red shutters (very bottom left room
on the sector 4 map) go right, up to the top of the shaft, then right again
until you get to the glass tube. Jump up through the hole in the ceiling then
go up the path on the right side. Go left through the small tunnel and drop
down to a standing position. This is where the egg begins.

Standing as far to the right as you can, start running left. Just before you
hit the wall tap down to get a speed booster warp charge. Drop a Power Bomb
then do a warp straight to the right into the small slope here. When you hit
the slope you will start running again, tap down again to hold the charge. Keep
doing this until the power bomb opens the hole in the floor, so that you still
have your charge charged up by then.

Once the hole is open, while still maintaining the charge, run left and let
yourself fall down the hole and hold right while falling. You'll bump into a
small square block below, you need to very quickly drop off the right side of it
and as soon as you hit the floor tap A to start a warp and warp right. It can
be very difficult to get down there fast enough to begin the warp before the
charge wears off, but keep trying. You'll hit the small hill in the bottom
right corner of this room and start running again then go through to the next
room. As soon as the screen changes hit down to get another charge.

Space jump right and land next to the red door, shoot it and run through while
still charged up. In the next room as quick as you can move right a step and
drop down from the grey block. Begin your warp (hopefully you still have the
charge) and hold right. When you hit the glass tube you'll drop into a run
again. Just as you exit the tube but before you fall down press down to get
another charge (you'll probably kill a fish from the speed booster, press down
right about then). Move right until you see the door, spin jump and shoot it
open, then at ground level start another warp to the right. You'll hit the
slope just before the door and start running through it.

Now for the hard part. You'll now be at the bottom of a vertical shaft. Press
down to hold your charge once you are through the door. You have to get to the
top of this shaft while still maintaining a speed booster charge. If you need
to, you can use the same trick as when you did the power bomb and do the warp on
the ground level here into the slope on the right, then tap down again to reset
your charge.

You need to space jump up to the ledge above you, then do a warp to the right on
the small slope and immediately push down to hold the charge again. Then spin
jump left and land on the small grey block sticking out of the side. It's hard
to see but there's a small slope hidden to the left of it. Warp left and
immediately press down to hold the charge again (there's VERY little space from
where you hit the slope to where you'll hit the wall and lose the speed, so you
have to warp then press down again very quickly).

There's an enemy above you that will steal your charge if you hit it. So, as
soon as you have the charge from that tiny slope drop a Power Bomb. Then spin
jump back to the right (shoot any fish in your way first) and use the slope you
just used a bit ago to get another charge. Then go use the tiny slope after the
grey block again. By this time the bomb should have killed the fish in your way

There's more fish further up you need to kill if you don't want them to spoil
your progress. Spin jump left onto the small square ledge, then spin jump right
and at the very height of your jump quickly tap down twice to roll into a ball
in mid air and drop another Power Bomb as high as you can, then drop down to the
grey block again. You should have just enough time to do another warp on this
tiny slope to get another charge. The power bomb will go off and destroy more
enemies that can get in your way.

Now your way is clear for the hardest part. As soon as you get a charge from
the tiny slope with the grey block, you need to space jump upwards as fast as
you can. You are trying to reach a slope on the right that's right before a
grey door. You probably will not have time to land and warp, you'll have to do
a mid-air warp to the right to hit that slope (mid-air warp by quickly tapping
up then A while in the air. The up will break you out of the spin and you need
to instantly tap A again to start the warp, then hold right). This is the part
you are most likely to mess up on, it will require very good skills with space
jumping and good aim with the mid-air warp. If you make it up there and warp
into that slope, tap down before running into the door to get another charge.

There's some more enemies above you. Use a Power Bomb (or two if you feel you
need it) to destroy them while maintaining your charge by continuously using the
slope by the door here. Once the way looks clear, get a fresh charge then space
jump up to the ledge above. There's another slope here to use to continue
maintaining your charge. Be careful that you don't run too far on it, it's hard
to see but at the end of the slope there's a ledge that will stop you and make
you lose your speed boost. Anyway when you are ready shoot the door open and
spin jump left through it.

On the other side are two fish, you need to shoot at least one of them out of
the way (use L to shoot slant up at it) so you can spin jump up and do a mid-air
warp to the left, smashing through the upper wall of speed booster blocks to the
other side. Be careful you don't get hit before you start actually warping, and
make sure you start the warp high enough to get through the upper section of
bricks - the lower section won't break. If you think a mid-air warp is too
hard, you can also try standing in the middle of the floor between the door and
the bricks then do a slant left+up warp through the bricks.

Now relax for a minute - the hard part is over. Getting through that wall of
speed booster blocks was the whole point of this challenge. There was no other way to get through booster blocks. When you are ready
go through the red door in the upper left corner of this room. From there go
up, shoot through the ceiling, and head right. You should know how to get to
the sector 4 nav room from here, just use your map. Once you are there you will
get to see the hidden message. Here it is:

Computer: "Samus, I'm impressed you were able to make it back. That trick with the Shinespark was very...ingenious."

???: "That's our Samus Aran! Magnificent! Truly Magnificent! As a reward, let's fill her in on our plan. Hmm, computer?"

Computer: "That is...not advisable."

???: "Bah..."

Computer: "No more joking. Samus, get back on task. Is your objective clear?"

???: "I wonder how many players will see this message...?"

It ends with "I wonder how many players will
see this message...?" Judging from how hard this is, I'm guessing not very many.

When you are done patting yourself on the back for accomplishing such a difficult task, head back the way you came and continue on
the main quest to get the Diffusion Missiles.

An awesome egg isn't it?

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Contributed By: Boneho Chane on 04-09-2003
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Special Requirements: Patience....more patience....even more patience
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There is actually another way to do this, and it is significantly easier (not to mention shorter). You can actually skip all the shinesparking with a well-placed missile. Go to the data room, but do NOT download the diffusion missile data. Go to the room to the left of the data room, with the weird balloon-type enemies. Start space jumping into the corner between the platform above you and the wall while holding the L button. Then, fire a missile downwards to the left, towards the gap in the panels. You MUST HOLD DOWN LEFT EVEN AFTER YOU FIRE!! THIS IS ESSENTIAL! Doing that will "bend" the path of the missile slightly, so it should freeze the balloon monster. Morph through the gap before it thaws, and...voila! It's pretty funny how the computer says your trick with the spinespark was good when you never shinesparked :).
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Boneho Chane writes:
Altough there isn't an exact origin of how this egg was found, Zauron on gamefaqs was probably one of the first people to write an in-depth guide on how to find this egg. I thought I had to mention that.
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Mukkimaxx writes:
Wow next time explain it in less detail geez! !-_-!
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I agree, this is a rather good egg, but why post the dialogue? I understand it's hard to get to but that's what makes a good Easter Egg.
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