Take Off Your Pants and Jacket Easter Egg - Hidden Songs

You must have the either red (airplane), yellow (pants) or green (jacket) album to have access to the hidden tracks. If you have the CD with all three colored icons on them it will not work. Listen to the last song on the CD, 'Please Take Me Home' and once the line "This is the best time we ever had" plays, press the forward button on your CD player. Immediately, a whole new song will begin playing. There is another new song given to you after finding the first hidden one. These songs depend on what color icon CD you have. So, basically there are two hidden songs per color icon CD, which makes six hidden songs total if you have all three versions of the CD.

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Contributed By: Duckie Master on 06-30-2004
Reviewed By: ConCor, Capital C
Special Requirements: Take Off Your Pants and Jacket red, yellow or green album
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To RockMtnMX: what you say is corect: the 3 paper digipack-versions of the cd's are the one with the bonus tracks, the version in the jewel case is the one without the bonus tracks.
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RockMtnMX writes:
Thanks, I thought there might have been something like that. My friend has the one with the silver disk and all three colored icons and there are only 13 songs, I have the disk with the picture of the green jacket and it has 15 songs. Is it something to do with what kind of case you have? They maka the album in a regular jewel case and with paper that you can just flip open. My friend who has the one with 13 songs has the regular jewel case and I have the one made of paper that you just flip open.
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Wedgie writes:
yeah they have a big sticker on the albums tellin you they're there, and also you don't have to fast forward you just skip the track, there's just a few minutes put in at the end of "please take me home". sorry to ruin your egg!
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xcristy182x writes:
hey do any of you guys know where i can find thos e cd's? please email me back for some answers
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M C Homes writes:
this egg was popular when the cd came out like 4 years ago. Everyone knows that, you need to be a little quicker with eggs...expecially when they are so damn obvious. not an egg, the songs play no matter what.
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