Village, The Easter Egg - M. Night's Cameo (Spoiler)

Well i know the movie just came out so i'm gonna be kinda vague about the scene so i don't give away the ending you can change if you'd like...

Anyways after the scene where Ivy meets the man on the road and gives him the list and watch. the movie comes to the scene where the man gets the medicine and talks to his boss who's reading the news paper(who's face u can not see). when he(the man who met Ivy) opens the medicine cabnet you can see the face of the man reading the newspaper in the reflection of the glass and its none other than M. Night himself, the director, writer, and producer of the movie.

PS: It's not a slipup, it's an intended hidden cameo.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 08-01-2004
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Special Requirements: Watch The Village
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college girl writes:
You will also notice all of the articles in the paper are about death, which is the reason the elders started the 'village' anyways.
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Brightguy writes:
In reply to the first post on this Egg... the comment about UPenn and The Philadelphia Inquirer are not really that interesting. ONE: The Village is set outside of Philadelphia - thus the reason why he is reading that paper and the comment about UPenn. TWO: All of M. Night Shamalyan's movies are set in and around Philadelphia (because he's from the area). The later is a commonly known fact about M. Night.
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daunrealist writes:
His full name is Manoj Night Shamalyan. Also, an interesting fact is that one of the people says he is a professor at UPenn, and you see Manoj reading the Philadelphia Inquirer. These are related to the fact that M. Night Shamalyan lives in Philadelphia, or one of its surrounding cities.
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andyskitten writes:
This appearance isn't uncommon for Night, and it's not an egg. He has appeared in 5 of his 6 films, all but Wide Awake (1998). Anyone know when they'll show the documentary on SciFi again? That was cool.
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Brightguy writes:
I don't want to repeat the obvious that has been posted before so I will keep this brief. For details refer to the comments/posts for the following movies: Signs, Unbreakable, & The Sixth Sense - these are all M. Night Shyamalan movies. This is definitely NOT an Egg, as he is listed in the credits for his role and he does this in all his films. I wish someone could review the potential egg entries before it hits the site - to weed out the bogus posts.
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