Ratchet and Clank 2 Easter Egg - Jak Reference

On the planet with all the protopets, just before you reach the supermarket place with the boxes that the protopets jump out of, look on the wall on the right hand side. There is a picture of jak and daxter on the wall.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 03-21-2005
Reviewed By: Gamer Sly-Ratchet, Loginer
Special Requirements: ratchet and clank 2 locked and loaded or Going Commando
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Wallamanage writes:
Also there are other Jak and Daxter references. Here are 3. 1) On Megapolis there is a poster of Jak and Daxter in Clank's apartment. 2) On Damosel there is a poster on the wall of the bank. 3) This is the coolest one. When you get the Hypnomatic part on Damosel (After the grinding section) There is a breif cutscene in which Clank does a stupid dance. This is a reference to Jak And Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. In Jak And Daxter whenever you get a power cell, Daxter does a silly dance and Jak grabs the power cell. Ratchet grabs the Hypnomatic part in the same way. Even the music is the same in the cutscene. If you're looking for a reference of Ratchet & Clank in the Jak games, here are the ones I know of: 1) In Jak II, go to Haven city. Go to the part where the Northen Gardens meet the Stadium Section. Nearby is a huge poster of Ratchet & Clank. You can't miss it. 2) In Jak 3, complete both the gun training courses in Act 2. You can then purchase the Ratchet & Clank gun course for 5 Precursor Orbs. (Don't shoot Ratchet or Clank, or you'll lose points.) I hope these help.
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