ATF Gold Easter Egg - Fly Dinosaurs Instead of Fighter Jets

1. Start ATF Gold
2. Hold down on the right hand side CTRL, ALT and SHIFT
3. While still holding down the keys, click on any missions
4. Then click on the aircraft's name to change aircrafts.
5. Fly on the plane name Qua*** (can't recall) but there's only two planes' name starting with 'q'.
6. You'll notice you're flying in a dinosaur, with 750 Vomit ammo and 4 boulder bomb.
7. Try the Atomic Moth, it's the same in previous versions, including USNF Gold and USNF 97.

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Contributed By: Lim Kian Cheong a.k.a. Sub-Zero on 07-08-1999
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: None
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mgka writes:
This isn't only for ATF Gold. It also works with the old version of ATF. In a quick mission or the map screen if fly all has been selected,(I think you might have to have fly all selected all the time)just click on the text box with the name of your plane in it. Also, even with this, you can't fly the helicopters.
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wormer writes:
I have Fighters Anthology USNF/ATF combined. I was flying in the Kuril Islands before I knew about this egg. I shot down the Flankers and Backfires and Hinds, and pressed Ctrl-Z to find out which way the nearest bandit was. It directed me to the upper left corner of the map, and there was a hostile Atomic Moth. It was difficult to hit with any kind of missile, and absorbed a lot of shots, while firing Atomic Mothballs at me. If I hadn't had Invincibility switched on, I would have been killed in seconds. I've tried flying the same mission since and never ran into it again. Strange. P.S. If only Atomic Moths had targeting radar and more weapons....Sigh....
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MEGARafaleC writes:
You can actually select targets with the Atomic Moth and the Quetzelcoatlus. Find a target less than 5 miles away and press the "Enter" key.
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TED writes:
HOPE I can keep my head from being dino-doo.
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