Muppets From Space Easter Egg - Down the Line

After watching Muppets From Space again, I counted no less than 15 eggs -- and there are probably more that I missed. In order:
1) When the space-fish send Gonzo back to Earth, they shout out "May the Fish Be With You!", an obvious nod to "Star Wars."
2) Pepe and Rizzo con Gonzo into building a jacuzzi with the "If you build it, they will come" line from "Field of Dreams."
3) Two "Men in Black" come after Gonzo in the TV studio.
4) This may just be my imagination, but the fight scene between Miss Piggy and one of the MIBs reminded me a lot of the finale of "The Matrix."
5) When Kermit is returning to the house, one of the mob holds out a mashed-potato sculpture of Gonzo, ala "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."
6) The scene in Bunsen's lab where he gives them the invisibilty spray in the rubber duck is remenicent of ANY James Bond movie.
7) In that same scene, Bunsen says the effect's spray is "Sadly temporary," and Beaker echoes him. These two delivered the same line in the FIRST Muppet movie.
8) One of the lab rats is called "The Birdman," with the "Of Alcatraz" implied.
9) When Rizzo is in the wind tunnel, he starts screaming for Auntie Em, as in "The Wizard of Oz."
10) The rats escape their cage through a tunnel hidden behind a poster, not unlike "The Shawshank Redeption."
11) When Rizzo drops through the vent of the operating room to save Gonzo he is reenacting "Mission: Impossible."
12) The Mad Scientist the rats beat up later is slapped against a window, mimicking Brent Spiner from "Independence Day."
13) As the Muppets drive their bus through the mob at the beach, I was reminded of the similar scene from "Contact." Like the one about "The Matrix," I may just be reading too much into it.
14) The second most obvious one -- Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson in a cameo at the beach remark that it's a shame Dawson can't be there -- a reference to their TV show, "Dawson's Creek."
15) The MOST obvious -- As Ed is taken into the alien ship he begins to make a speech about "boldy going where no one has gone before," and the Star Trek theme begins to play.

Now will someone PLEASE tell me where I can go to get a life?

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Contributed By: Bibbo-3 on 11-27-1999
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Special Requirements: A ridiculous amount of pop culture knowledge
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fats writes:
OK, bibbo-3, I know where you can get a life. Go to Chinatown in NYC, go to the corner of pong and gung chow, and there should be an alley there. There should be a white door with some graffiti writen in spanish. Knock on this three times, and ask for Old Frieda. She will make you a man, sonnyboy.
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RngeCrush writes:
Most of these do fall under the "Parody" category, but the "Sadly Temporary" thing is DEFINITELY an egg. I remember being in the theater and nearly falling out of my seat when Beaker repeated that line! Of course, no one else got it-- only me, the huge Muppet-head. Anyone can pick up on the MIB or Mission: Impossible stuff, but "Sadly Temporary" is a little gem only true Muppet fans can appreciate!
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mredge writes:
See the rules of Eggs - I don't think any of these qualify as easter eggs
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kermit writes:
all of those things were put in there on purpose. they were put there to make the movie funier i guess and you need to spend more time outside with your friends or something.
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T-zone writes:
MovieFreak is right. You need to get a life and keep it. They only put those "eggs" there to make the movie funnier.
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I don't even know how they let you post ANY of those as eggs. Perhaps you should watch more comedies. You might learn something.
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Dopps writes:
An "Easter Egg" is a hidden gag, usually and in-joke or very subtle reference; Your list is of very obvious cameos and parodies included in the movie. Try again.
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Eagle writes:
It is called "innuendo". It is in almost every kiddie movie. The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas has A LOT of innuendo and pop culture references (For example, Gazoo quotes "Klatu Barabara Nikto" when he crashed to Earth, Melrock Place apartments, Joan Collins ["Dynasty"] playing Wilma's mother, etc.)
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Jax989 writes:
Also, when the Muppets are hiding outside the military compound, behind the bushes, Kermit says, "Fozzy... get the duck!" Which is reminiscent of the WWF tag team The Dudley Boys, where in every match Bubba Ray says, "Devon... get the table!"
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Taylor writes:
Get a life and spend some of it away from the movie theatre and the TV.
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