HP Pavilion Easter Egg - Super Hidden HP Credits and Logo Animation!

First I would like to say that I have only tried this on newer HP and Compaq computers all of which were running Windows. With that said here is how to find the egg. First, assuming your computer is already on and you are at the desktop, you close all applications. Now press on an area of the screen not occupied by an icon and press and hold down "ctrl" and "alt". While holding the two keys down press keys "s" then "d" (Note: Don’t hold down "s" and "d") Now release the buttons and wait. It might take ten seconds or so then a box will pop up showing the HP Pavilion Support Center (might be different on a Compaq). Now that the box is up click on the blue bar at the top of the box. Now for on of the hidden credits. With the bar on top clicked hold down the "ctrl" and "alt" bottoms again and press "t" and release all the buttons. With this done there should be credits scrolling across the bar. Kind of cool but wait there’s an even cooler one. If you look to the right side of the box and about half way down there should be a logo of either HP or Compaq, click it. Now there should be a second box. Select the blue bar again and again hold down the "ctrl" and "alt" buttons and press "t" and release them. The logo should start spinning and more credits will scroll across the blue box (if on a Compaq the logo switches to the HP logo and starts spinning). This is a cool little Easter egg and is worth trying.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-14-2005
Reviewed By: butterhoney12, DomFeargrieve
Special Requirements: As far as I know any computer mad by HP including Compaq.
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Sven writes:
You don't have to close down any program before pressing ctrl+alt+s (and you don't need to press d at all). And on my HP i found two different scrollings, first of all the one mentioned by you, but if you press the HP logo you will get an About box. Press ctrl+alt+t again and the text "Created by your friendly neighborhood spiderman...Bruno Garrido" will appear in the title bar.
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jojo200517 writes:
Just tried it out and on my HP Pavilion a1112n and it was pretty cool. Didn't have to press D and the hp logo will spin it just stays a HP logo.
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mystery writes:
You don't have to close all applications to do that. It's really fun to use. Secret enough to get there.
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eugene2x writes:
To those who are confused, the "blue bar" is actually the title bar of the window. It is the top of the window that haqs the close buttons and stuff. Not everyone necessarily has a BLUE title bar. For example, I'm using the silver theme of Windows XP. I don't think the person who typed this egg was a smart guy at computers, because I had to pause for a moment to see what he really meant.
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