Twisted Metal 2 Easter Egg - More Explosive Items

In almost every level there is something that can be damaged or blown up for something cool to happen.

Level 1: STREETS OF LA- this is the HOLLYWOOD sign, get at a good angle from the sidestreets and shoot a missle at it.

Level 2: MOSCOW, RUSSIA- pretty much everything everything can be blown up. Go to the lazer which shoots the item beam and shoot a napalm at it. Shoot napalms at the signs around the stadium, one of them will reveal a code to unlock a character. Go to the unactivated portal in the center, plant a remote bomb on it, and set it off. That takes care of the stadium.

Level 3: PARIS, FRANCE- Go into the art gallery and shoot napalms at the pantings, The Mona Lisa will reveil a code(it's not the DaVinici code, but it's still pretty cool:). Use the teleporter to go into the Effel Tower, plant a remote bomb there and blow it up, it creates a bridge to get to the rooftops.

Level 4: AMAZON- The 2 large statues and shooting at the blank buildings will open doors.

Level 5: NEW YORK CITY- This is explained in another egg but the power and quantity of the missles determine the result( if shes fat or thin).

Level 6: ANTARTICA- nothing good here, the place pretty much destroys itself.

Level 7: HOLLAND- Plant a remont bomb in the windmills to blow them up.

Level 8: HONG KONG, CHINA- Just the busses in the tunnel.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-16-2005
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Special Requirements: The game and the system (Playstation or PS2)
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Also in LA, you can destroy the little bridge leading to the small room which can also be reached through the teleporter with a remote bomb.
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