Halo 2 Easter Egg - Pelican Ride

-Start the Metropolis Level on any difficulty (this is easiest to accomplish on Easy Mode).

-Continue through the level until you get to all the Wraiths in "THIS TOWN AIN'T BIG ENOUGH FOR THE BOTH OF US."

-Destroy all the Wraiths but leave one undamaged and board it.

-Destroy the approaching dropship and park the Wraith on top of the bridge nearest to the door where you normally would continue on.

-Now stand on top of the Wraith and wait for the Pelicans to arrive.

-One of them will stop directly above you so while you're standing on the Wraith, jump up towards where the Marines jump out and hold the X button on the controller. You will board the Pelican and then ENJOY.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 07-28-2005
Reviewed By: Loginer, Techneon
Special Requirements: Halo 2(Xbox)
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Flash writes:
I've figured out how this egg works so I'm going to rewrite the directions of this egg to make them more understandable. Start the Metropolis level- ect,ect. Once you emerge from the underground tunnel, you'll be in a grassy area with platform-like things that have Covenant turrets and snipers on them. Fight through this area till you get past the artificial waterfall fountain and meet up with another warthog on the city streets. Continue till you get around the corner and you'll see two walkways going above the street and three/four Wraith tanks. Destroy all the Wraiths and head to the farthest walkway. Before you go on top of it, hide under the steps because a Covenant dropship drops off reinforcements. Kill them and then go on top of the walkway and stand about in the middle of it. Then look in the direction you came from and you'll see two Pelicans coming towards you, one carrying a Scorpion tank and another with marines in it. The Pelicans with the Marines in it stops directly above you, so now jump up to the boarding ramp of it and press X. You should of now boarded the Pelican, so just wait for it to take off and have a relaxing ride.
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haloi writes:
I tried this egg and got it but as I was enjoying my flight the screen started snapping around so the i was looking into the pelican the out again then we crashed landed in a werid spot that looked like a building had been removed and the pelican was having a fit on the ground thingy part and the screen said 'press x to flip banshee' did this happen when you did this?
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Flash writes:
To get this egg to work, all you have to do is go on the bridge/overpassage where a pelican normally drops a tank that gets destroyed be the scarab, but before this happens, another pelican drops off marines on the same bridge so when this happens, you jump up next to the boarding ramp of the pelican and press X like you where normally boarding a vehicle.
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