Batman, The Easter Egg - Superman References

There are many references of Superman. Some are obvious, but some are very hidden.

On "Bat In A Belfry", it is mentioned that Detective Ellen Yin is from Metropolis, the fictional city in the Superman mythos.

On "The Big Heat", after Firefly blows up a man's car, the man mentions moving to Metropolis.

On "Grundy's Night", when Batman is battling Clayface I in the wax museum, there is a cleverly hidden Superman wax statue in the shadows. Batman stares at it for a moment.

On "The Laughing Bat", when Joker hears about Penguin looting a museum, he is dressed in a Clark Kent-style clothing, and even says "This looks like a job for Batman!" the same way Superman says in the earlier comics.

On "Cash For Toys", the villain Cosmo Krank is inspired by Superman villain Toyman. In one of Krank's commercials, he says "Up, up, and away!", which is something Superman said in the early comics, and the 50's series. When Bruce Wayne is captured inside Krank's giant spinning top, before he changes, he rips his shirt like Superman did in the Christopher Reeve "Superman" movie.

On "Clayfaces", the diner Clayface II hangs out, including Clark Kent and the staff, is an exact replica of the diner seen in "Superman II".

On "The Everywhere Man", Brandon Routh, who plays Everywhere Man, also played Superman in "Superman Returns", and Allison Mack, who voices Clea, also plays Chloe in "Smallville", a show based on a young Clark Kent/Superman.

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