Tomb Raider 4 Easter Egg - Hot Pants

Because of TR4's multi-layered format, it's hard to give precise directions to this bizarre egg (or bug). As you play, just keep in mind it's in CATACOMBS, which you'll eventually access via a crawl space protected by a hanging boulder trap at the bottom of an outdoor pit in the Alexandrian ruins where Lara first meets the skeleton warriors. Before climbing into the crawl space, pick up the torch/stick you find laying on the ground in the pit and light it at the fire in the pit's alcove. Using a series of jumps and tosses, throw the lit torch into/through the crawl space, etc. The idea is to have it with you when you reach an apparent dead end: a small empty room containing only a shallow pit in the center and a moveable pillar against a far wall. Once inside this room, simply throw the torch anywhere and it'll turn into a flaming, floating apparition of Lara's sexy hot pants. You can even pick it up (in which case it returns to a torch) and throw it again and again and again, always with the same result.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 12-19-1999
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Special Requirements: Tomb Raider 4
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TLF writes:
Sorry, but this isn't an egg, although it may look like one. It's actually a glitch in the programming. The next level doesn't have the torch in the object file, and therefore doesn't recognize it, so it attempts to change it to another object... and that object happens to be a part of Lara. If you don't believe me, you can try a test: 1. You must have Tomb Raider Chronicles for the PC/MAC and the level editor that came with it. 2. Open up the level editor. 3. Click on "Objects" from the menu and select "load objects" 4. Open "graphics", "wads", then select and open "catacombs" 5. There is a white box in the bottom left corner of the screen. It should now have a box right above that says, "Lara". Click on the button above that says "place object" Now, click anywhere on the blue area in the middle of the screen. 6. Now go back to the small white box. Click on the part that says "Lara", and scroll down until you come across "Mummy". Click on "place object" again and click on the square in front of Lara. 7. Click on "project" from the menu at the top and select "output wad". Select "city.TOM" and say yes to overwrite. 8. Now, exit the editor and open up the converter. Click on "Add" and select "city.TOM". Now click on the "Build All" button. 9. When the large box on the right says "***build all complete***", you can close the converter. 10. Now, open Tomb Raider 4 (Important Note: Do NOT open up the real Tomb Raider 4 game, as it won't work. Instead, open up the special level editor version that came with the level editor.) 11. Select "New Game", then "City of the Dead". 12. You should now be in a large, black area. And, right where you placed the mummy you should find Lara's shorts. This happened because you placed an object from the Catacombs object file into a level using the City object file. Both files have Lara, so she has turned up as normal. But because the Catacombs has a mummy but the City does not, it recognized it as the wrong object and replaced it with Lara's shorts. Why Lara's shorts, I don't know. Perhaps it was an intentional joke, perhaps coincidence. Either way, Lara's shorts are not an egg.
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cactus writes:
It worked for me!
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ap1 writes:
lol! those are very hot pants! i thought it was a wall-torch-light thingy at first, and then i realised it was a pair of fiery hotpants! they could be mistaken for a ring i suppose, but i think this must be a real easter egg, because how many bugs do you know of like this?
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This happened to me, only it wasn't hot pants, it was a ring.
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m writes:
I replayed this game just so I could check out this "egg" and it definitely worked for me! The trick is you have to take the torch with you into the next level. TLF: That sure was a long comment you got there! ;)
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TLF writes:
*update on my other comment* I think I've figured out why it replaces the torch with her shorts. The polygon that we see as her shorts in the object file happens to be the object right next to the torch, and the game simply replaces it with the nearest object. This is why in other levels you might get her thigh or something.
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Mariano writes:
On the playstation version, there is a trick for having all the objects of the level you're doing. If you do it, then you skip the level, the objects will remain, but they will turn on Lara's pants...
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This egg only works with version 1.0 because Lara can't throw the torch while in the air in V1.1
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