Halo 3 Easter Egg - One Bad Mouthed Oracle

This egg requires some really good timing. To find this egg, go to the level "The Ark" and play through it completely normal until you reach the "peeing brute" (which is an entirely different egg) in the first room you go into after battling the scarab. Continue on to the room stock full of plasma batteries.( they are the weird purple things that explode when you shoot them if you don't know) Kill every thing in this room and find a steep hallway that leads you down to a room full of brutes. Note: you need a deployable shield(NOT A BUBBLE SHIELD)When you make it the end of the hallway a door should open revealing a brute at the doorstep. Kill him as fast as you can because the oracle is on his way down the hallway, and trust me, he's faster than you think. The best way to decimate this brute is with a good solid plasma grenade throw. If you stick him, he will run into the room he came from to his death.
The second you see that plasma grenade touch his body, hastily throw down that deployable cover of yours directly into the door way( don't worry if you miss by a couple feet, the shield is warped backwards so you'll still have some coverage, but not much) That should stop your marine buddies, the arbiter, and the oracle if done right. now this is were the egg actually happens. Now start punching oracle as if there was no tomorrow. Now listen to each one of his responses:

"Why are you doing that?"

"Stop it."

" Ugh, of all the insults."

Pretty soon after while your still meleeing him he should say something like this:

"YOU'RE PISSING ME OFF!, oh my, I did not know I had curses in my vocabulary conduits."

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Contributed By: Eggypear on 07-29-2008
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: Xbox 360 halo 3 and some pretty good timing
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Tomalbon writes:
Great egg, nice bit of fun in true Bungie style If you keep it up long enough (or have the IWHBYD skull turned on) then Guilty Spark will say some really random stuff For example, I remember beating the poor box with a gravity hammer at the very end of the level and he suddenly blurts out "I'M A REAL BOY!" Ahhh so simple yet so humorous :)
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That is pretty awesome!!!:0-woah!
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ikillu writes:
I don't remember having to do anything to get this egg. i just kept hitting him with a gravity hammer.
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