Sims: The Urbz (GBA) Easter Egg - The Sims Redemption

If you go to the jail in The Urbz, you see a poster of a woman in a bikini on the first floor, next to the cells. If you intract with it, the poster dissapears. There is a tunnel leading out of the jail. (Plus there is a ninja who appears a few times in the game and sells you drinks sometimes, but that isnt important to this egg.)

This is possibly a reference to the movie The Shawshank Redemption, where a prisoner digs a tunnel to escape the prison, then covers the hole with a poster of a woman in a bikini.

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Contributed By: Pizzahead910 on 07-27-2009
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: Game Boy Advance, Urbz video game.
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King Yami writes:
Actually, what you have to do is this First you must play the game far enough that you have been to the bayou and back After that get full relationship point with Detective Dan At this point he will tell you a story about how a criminal escaped shawshank redemption style At this point the poster should be gone, revealing a tunnel In this tunnel will be a ladder that leads out to where you met the albino gatorboy You can also interact with Heidi Shadows (the ninja) at 6 A.M. in said tunnel Another fun fact is that you can also interact with Heidi at 1 A.M. in 1984 (after you get the time machine), at 2 A.M. at the carnival, at 4 A.M. on paradise Island, and at 10 A.M. on the moonbase (DS version only) However, you can only buy an item from Heidi once, daily Meaning if you buy the rosebud smoothie from her at the carnival, you cannot turn around and buy another at Paradise Island, unless it's the next day Hope this helped
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Makoto writes:
I believe you have to have already been to the bayou and have the maximum relationship points with the detective before you can do anything with the poster, though.
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