Call Of Duty: World At War Easter Egg - Some Der Riese Eggs

1. Strange Lab Note

In the room where the thompson is there is a bunch of bricks just to the right of where the thompson hangs on the wall there should be one brick tht looks a little bit smaller and different coloured to the others, if you X while aiming at it, it should move and reveal a note beneath it. im not sure what it exactky says but you need the sniper rifle to be able to read it.

2. Monkey Furnace Torture

Just near where you find the note under the brick there is a furnace with its door open, if you throw a monkey in the furnace it will jump around and scream and eventually explode. ive on xbox live that its supposed to make them stronger?? but i dont know if that is actually true.

3. Zombie Field Manual?

Just near the Double Tap vendor is an air vent sticking out of the floor if you look closely it has a small hole in it, if you look through you will see a book with the same logo that is visible on the wall just parallel to the bridge opposite the vent, im not entirely sure why the book is there but ive heard that apparently it is a field manual or something.

4. Radios

Just like in the Shi No Numa zombie map there are several radios scattered through out the map.
If you aim at them while holding X you can listen to recordings that richtofen made while experimenting on the zombies.

Radio #1. under the stairs leading up to the room with the double barrel shotgun, between a barrel and the wall.

Radio #2. in a room just next to the one that has the vent with the field manual and the double tap vendor, its on top of a leaning fileing cabinet.

Radio #3. Inside an open furnace near one of the teleporters.

Radio #4 On a shelf near the teleporter thats near the power switch.

Brain Stem Music Egg

There are three brain stems throughout the map, two of which i think are just near the trench gun, the other is near the type 100. if you press X on all three a cool song will play.

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Contributed By: Alex Kriesl on 08-09-2010
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: Zombie Maps DLC
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