Alien Collectors Edition Easter Egg - Fermi Paradox

Anyone familiar with the search for extraterrestrial life (aliens) will be familiar with the Fermi Paradox. Enrico Fermi was a physicist who in 1950 asked the question: "Where are they?" Fermi meant that since the universe is so large, with so many potential places for life to develop, there must be large numbers of alien civilizations. Where are they? he mused. The question became the Fermi Paradox. We have yet to acquire a satisfactory answer.

Advance to 24:34 in the original 1986 version of the film Aliens. Our erstwhile heroes are preparing to land on a planet and look for Aliens. Ripley is briefing the crew when Vasquez puts up her hand and says "I only need to know one thing - Where they are."

Where are they? / I need to know where they are.

James Cameron is an avid science fan and certainly well familiar with the Fermi Paradox. The placement in the film is the perfect spot to address the question. While it took me a quarter century to spot it, this line is clearly a nod to the question brought up by Fermi back in 1950.
Well hidden in plain sight, an Easter Egg in a movie with an egg on the cover.

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Contributed By: Phredator on 06-24-2012
Reviewed By: David Wolf
Special Requirements: Appears in dialogue at 24:34 on original 1986 theatrical release version of film
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