WWF Raw is War Easter Egg - Hidden Gorilla Monsoon Tribute

Towards the very end of the show, Vince McMahon makes his return to the WWF. Vince pulls up in a limo and proceeds to walk out onto the ramp down to the ring. The camera follows him as he passes through the curtain to emerge under the TitanTron on the other side. Just as he passes through this curtain, you can see a paper taped to the left side of the doorway. On that paper, there is a picture of a gorilla and the word "GORILLA" across the top. I believe this to be a small tribute to the late wrestler and WWF regular Gorilla Monsoon. I had to replay the sequence a few times to see it myself...

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Contributed By: Impaler on 03-16-2000
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Special Requirements: WWF Raw: March 13, 2000 episode
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Dooyer writes:
The sign on the curtain means that is the "Gorilla Position". It's where wrestlers wait to make their entrance. Gorilla Monsoon used to stand there and cue the wrestlers when to go through the curtain.
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Bobbyboy writes:
It is called the "Gorilla position". Yes, it is a tribute to the late Gorilla Monsoon. Named after him because that is where he stood to cue the wrestler to go out. It's pretty much become a standard name for that spot. I can't remember where I read about the "Gorilla position" but I believe it was an interview with Matt or Jeff Hardy (once again, not sure) but they mentioned it. In a way, it's an eegg, little known fact.
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Also, the WCW Nitro after Gorilla died, Bobby Heenan made his touching tribute to his long time broadcast partner and stated that from then on that the Pealy Gates in Heaven would be known as the Gorilla position. I didn't understand the reference until now.
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DarkAngelMax writes:
Well The entrance way where the wrestlers wait is called that and you can see that The Rock mentions it in His Book
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No life writes:
It's very common place in wrestling that when a wrestler is known for a certain job or whatever that it would be "named" after them. It had been called the Gorilla position for so long, that it probably didn't even occur to them that A)It was on camera, or B)That it would be perceived as a tribute, although I guess it could be. Also, when listening to matches, listen closely enough and you you can hear MANY wrestlers saying those certain "four letter words" that you're not supposed to say on TV. This happens usually when they are trying to sell a move, or if they just don't realize they're on camera or that it's a close up.
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sumbudy writes:
I saw that too but i didn't know what it ment thanx 4 telling me
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