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Date From Title
12/30/2013 SSX On Tour Fable Reference
12/30/2013 Portal Are you dead or not?
12/30/2013 Step By Step- New Kids On The Block Bandmate Brother/original Member
12/30/2013 Gravity Falls 6-18
12/30/2013 Friday Night Lights Hidden Reference to the Permian Panthers
12/30/2013 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Dino Crisis Refference
12/30/2013 Golden Sun : The Lost Age Hearing Music from the First Golden Sun
12/30/2013 Fallout 3 The Ruins
11/22/2013 Power Puff Girls Crack McCraigen
11/22/2013 Mist, The Bad Planet #2
11/8/2013 Street Fighter X Mega Man Capcom Logo
11/8/2013 Gotcha Force Capcom Logo
11/8/2013 Windows XP Microsoft Bear
11/8/2013 Resident Evil 6 Ghost N' Goblins Arcade Game
11/8/2013 Battlefield Bad Company 2 Faith from Mirror's Edge
11/8/2013 Starship Troopers Bug Evolution
11/8/2013 Amazing Spider-Man, The Stan Lee in Spider-man
11/8/2013 Ratchet and Clank 2 Dan Johnson's Hidden Picture at the Insomniac Museum
6/28/2013 How I Met Your Mother Secret Countdown
6/28/2013 Torque Torque/Duel
6/28/2013 Minecraft Pirate Talk Easter Egg
6/28/2013 Grand Theft Auto 3 Reference to Carmaggedon
6/28/2013 Robot Chicken: Star Wars III Gas Station Video
6/28/2013 Lollipop Chainsaw Reference to Zombie Movie Legend George a. Romero
6/28/2013 TUFF puppy A Sound from "Back at the Barnyard"?
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