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SpongeBob Squarepants
Patchy the Pirates True Identity
Posted Tuesday, March 21 in TV > TV Shows
Everyone knows Patchy the pirate, but does any one actually know who he is? He is actually Tom Kenny!(The actor of Spongebob).
Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines
Hidden News
Posted Tuesday, March 21 in Software > Video Games
In Mercurio's apartment go into the console by pressing the tilde key and use the noclip command. Once in noclip mode fly out of the apartment and look around for the separate room near the apartment. Once you have located it fly over to it to find none... more
Call of Duty:Black Ops 2
Simpson Reference.
Posted Tuesday, March 21 in Software > Video Games
Go to the map meltdown and inside one of the rooms you will find pink donut's a pink box and a hard hat all referring to homer from the Simpson.
Android Phones
Android Version Egg
Posted Tuesday, March 21 in Software > Hardware and Electronics
To access the Easter egg in your version of Android, open the Settings screen and tap About phone or About tablet at the bottom of the screen.
Locate Android’s version number on the about screen and quickly tap it several times. The Easter egg will... more
Wreck-It Ralph
Skrillex cameo
Posted Friday, August 15 in Movies > Movies
During the party scene near the beginning of the movie, it shows the DJ for a few seconds. That DJ is none other then Sonny John Moore, AKA Skrillex, who's song "Bug Hunt" was featured in the film as the theme for Hero's Duty.
50th Anniversary Reference
Posted Friday, August 15 in Movies > Movies
In one of the scenes where Bond is buying a drink, the camera zooms in on the bottle for a couple seconds. If you look really closely, it has the year 1962 - a direct reference to 50 years of the James Bond franchise.
Hidden Developer's Aliases in Setup1.dll on AutoCAD R13
Posted Friday, August 15 in Software > Application Software
To locate, this is what you do:

1) Pop in your setup disk or download R13 (from Vetusware)
2) Open Microsoft Visual C++ (or whatever C++ compiler you use)
3) Open Setup1.DLL
4) Enjoy!

This egg contains the followings on lines 000040 to 0000c0:
Frisbee,... more
Vanquish Dancing Robots Easter Egg
Posted Friday, August 15 in Software > Video Games
on chapter 3 act 7 as you go up the lift and you should find them just before you fight the unknown.
tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXTlBn3Aw2g&feature=plcp
Island of Lost Souls
Ghoulardi Interview
Posted Friday, August 15 in Movies > DVDs
From the Main Menu go to "The Strange Case of Dr. Moreau". Go to "Casale and Mothersbaugh". Highlight "Interview". Press the up arrow. A dot appears in the "O". Press enter to see Ernie Anderson interview his alter ego Ghoulardi who hosted "Shock... more
Pumpkin Heads
Posted Friday, August 15 in Software > Video Games
This is a pretty funny Easter Egg on Minecraft.

1. Wait until Halloween, or set your computer's clock to 31st October.

2. Start up Minecraft, and create a new world or enter an existing world.

3. Make sure your game difficulty is on 'Easy' or... more
Little Big Planet 2
Free Love
Posted Friday, August 15 in Software > Video Games
When you reach the arcade locate the machine the Sackbot is repairing. Hop into it and the machine explodes, revealing the message "3733 5683". When entered on a phone's keypad it is revealed it says "free love".
Toy Story
"Improvised Interrogations"
Posted Friday, August 15 in Movies > Movies
In Sid's room when Woody is trapped in a milk crate he is sitting on top of a manual that says "TM 31-210 Improvised Interrogations." TM 31-210 is actually a number for a book used by the military actually titled "Improvised Munitions." The book has instructions... more
Lorax, The
Minion in the Drawer
Posted Friday, August 15 in Movies > Movies
When Ted is looking for the things he needs to speak to the Onceler, he opens a drawer to get a nail. In the drawer, on the right, you can see a small figure of a minion from Despicable Me. This happens about 9:05. This was spotted by my 8 year old daughter.
Al Bundy: Serial Killer
Posted Friday, August 15 in TV > TV Shows
Dexter Season 4, Episode 11

Approx 11 mins in, and Dexter is looking for a scapegoat to frame the Trinity Killings on. Flicking through the photos, and up jumps a certain shoe salesman
Gravity Falls
Posted Sunday, December 29 in TV > TV Shows
In every episode of Gravity Falls there is a reference to the number 618 (kind of like with Weird Al and 27 or Pixar and A113), which is Alex Hirsch and his twin sisters birthday. 618 appears on the cash register, in magazines and even on banners.
Step By Step- New Kids On The Block
Bandmate Brother/original Member
Posted Sunday, December 29 in Music > Music Videos
In the step by step video where Donnie Wahlberg is on a motorcycle surrounded by friends, brother/actor/original nkotb member Mark Wahlberg appears right next to him holding a basketball.
Are you dead or not?
Posted Sunday, December 29 in Software > Video Games
At the last battle between Chell and GLaDOS you are trapped in a room where she is filling it with a deadly neurotoxin and you are trying to kill her. Destroy all but the last core "eyeball" in the emergency intelligence incinerator, but hold on to the... more
SSX On Tour
Fable Reference
Posted Sunday, December 29 in Software > Video Games
When creating a snowboarder for SSX On Tour's Tour Mode, one of the faces is called "Hero". It looks exactly like the player character from the 2004 Xbox exclusive Fable.
Friday Night Lights
Hidden Reference to the Permian Panthers
Posted Sunday, December 29 in TV > TV Shows
In all the episodes, the players have a letter "P" on their helmets as a decal. However, they are the Dillon Panthers. Realistically, the decal would be a D, as that would stand for Dillon High School. This "P" is actually a reference to the Permian Panthers,... more
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Dino Crisis Refference
Posted Sunday, December 29 in Software > Video Games
That perhaps no one has discovered, in Resident Evil 3, upon entering the hospital with Carlos, the scene when it is the first hunter, you can see on the wall, on the bulletin board on the left, a poster of Dino Crisis , Check it yourself
Fallout 3
The Ruins
Posted Sunday, December 29 in Software > Video Games
If you go east at the beginning of the game instead of west to Megaton after you get out of Vault 101, you will find a town named Springvale. If you countinue to go east and follow the bridge, you will find a place with raiders called Bethesda Ruins.... more
Golden Sun : The Lost Age
Hearing Music from the First Golden Sun
Posted Sunday, December 29 in Software > Video Games
You have to go into the Arena mode, then press both the L and R buttons and talk to the woman in the bottom left hand corner : you will be able to hear soundtracks from the previous Golden Sun !
Power Puff Girls
Crack McCraigen
Posted Thursday, November 21 in TV > TV Shows
If you watch the episode Mizzen in Action,look at the part where the professor gets captured and the captain speaks to him.listen to the captain say his name Crack McCraigen.That means if you switch the words craig and crack to it's rightful place,it... more
Mist, The
Bad Planet #2
Posted Thursday, November 21 in Movies > Movies
At 1:18:18 into the film, when Thomas Jane's character David is taking a "Hellboy" comic from the rack in the Pharmacy (presumably for his son, who said he didn't want a comic book), a copy of Thomas Jane's own book "Bad Planet" is revealed underneath.... more
Street Fighter X Mega Man
Capcom Logo
Posted Thursday, November 7 in Software > Video Games
You must go on Chun Li's stage, and then proceed through the level. When you get to the part where you must fight Chun Li, look at the top right hand corner. You can see the first three letters of the Capcom logo.

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