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When Gideon's Pawn Shop blows up, Eric and Albrecht talk for a couple minutes. Just before Eric disappears, Albrecht looks over at Gideon's. A man with blonde-ish hair is shown carrying a TV - he looks directly at the camera. This is James O'Barr, the writer/artist of the comic books that the movie was based on.

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Meg writes:
No, the scene where Brandon was killed was NOT left in the movie. The scene that was deleted was Brandon's character, Eric Draven, walking into the house after he hears Shelly screaming. He was carrying a shopping bag and Funboy shoots him through the shopping bag as soon as he walks through the door. That is the scene where Brandon Lee really died. They changed the scene so that he is not carrying a shopping bag and Tin Tin throws a knife at him, and then they hold him up and shoot him, and well, you know the rest. Rest in Peace Brandon Bruce Lee February 2, 1965 - March 31, 1993
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jamiem writes:
The Crow-Bare with me,this takes a lot of explaining. When Eric (Brandon Lee) first comes back to life, he makes his way threw the rainy alley's, back to his apartment. When he finally arrives at his place you can notice two easter eggs. First, when he turns to rip off the police tape on his door you can hear the crow squawk, but the birds shadow on the wall does nothing. Then when he pushes open the door and walks in, it is not really Brandon Lee. It is a digital image of him walking threw the rainy ally(they added dripping water in the door jam to compensate). This had to be added because of Lee's untimely death. If you watch the two scenes repeatedly you can see exactly what they cut and where they pasted it. This same exact image is also used when Eric punches the mirror before applying his make up. Look carefully in the broken glass and you will see what I mean. In case you can't tell the ENTIRE scene were Eric first goes to his apartment is the final scene that had to be shot with a body double(notice the precise camera angles). Even the finale when lighting flashes and reveals "The Crows" face, it is Lee morphed on to the body doubles head.
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Blayse writes:
For "Immortality": I read that there was roughly only one more week of shooting The Crow, when Brandon was shot and killed. The original shooting death scene was cut, as previously stated, and replaced with a knife-throwing scene. Notice that this scene was in the apartment, when people still lived there, and before it got trashed. By logic, filming of all scenes in this apartment, AFTER it got ransacked, would take place after the rape/death scene was filmed. Therefore, any time you see Eric Draven in the apartment after it was trashed is a body double, not Brandon Lee. A more personal note about this film.... Before this film premiered, there was a sneak preview in my hometown of Seattle and a friend of mine acquired three passes. The two of us went, but before getting to the theater, we dropped off the third pass at Brandon Lee's grave at Lakeview Cemetery. James O'Barr was at the screening and we met him. When we told him what we had done with the other ticket, he closed his eyes and nodded his head. Seemed like he was having a really difficult time with Brandon's death....
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Antony writes:
"Because we don't know when we will die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. Yet everything happens a certain number of times, and a very small number, really. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood, some afternoon that's so deeply a part of your being that you can't even conceive of your life without it? Perhaps four or five time more. Perhaps not even that. How many times will you watch the full moon rise? Perhaps twenty. And yet it all seems limitless."
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Weasel writes:
Meg, it's sooo nice to know that I am not the only one who knows of this scene cut. I am just glad that they DIDN'T keep that scene in the movie or I wouldn't be able to watch it, seeing as how the Crow is my favorite movie and Brandon Lee is my favorite actor.
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Robin writes:
I never noticed that, but I did notice Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails stage diving into the crowd of the concert during the song "After the Flesh". They show him twice, once diving, once body surfing across the crowd. You will recognize him.
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paullatta writes:
There was more tragedy on the set of the Crow than the death of Brandon Lee. My brother-in-law was a carpenter who worked on the film. He was in a cherry bucket (a bucket crane) that got backed into some high-tension power lines that were supposed to be off but weren't. He was birned over 60 percent of his body, was resuscitated at the scene and is alive and well today and still working in the movies. He is my hero. He was left blind in one eye, deaf in one ear, scarred up all over and is still one of the hardest working, toughest boogers I know. His name is Jim Martishius and you'll see his name in the credits. He lived, but then, this guy is too tough to die. There is a lot of tragedy with this film but there is a lot of triumph too.
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jamiem writes:
I am simply reiterating the fact that the footage of Lee being shot was destroyed, and it was in fact during an alternate scene were he was shot threw a grocery bag. He WAS NOT shot during the scene were the gang unloaded on him will he was on the table at the bad guys office, as everyone thinks.
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Dreamscape writes:
All of this is true, and can be confirmed at or, I can't remember which one. James O'Barr became great friends with Brandon and Eliza (his fiance) through the making of the movie and when he died, James O'Barr felt guilty making money off the movie (kind of making money of Brandon's death as he liken it). SO he gave away every cent he made from that movie - he made nothing out of it.
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i thought the scene where he died WAS in the film. when they hold him up and shoot him they only shoot him twice, but there are three bullet wounds on his back. why would they have cut the third shot out?? and yeah i noticed that the bit where he walks in to the flat is a cut and paste job too, and the mirror scene is another digital thing AND when he picks up Gabrial, thats not Brandon Lee either. but most people probably already knew all this right! its still the best film though!
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suchthefool writes:
Interesting fact: yes the scene in which Brandon actually died is deleted, and for obvious reasons too, but the shot of Funboy when he shoots him IS the shot that killed him. In the original take, there is a close up of Funboy's gun (clearly showing a bullet which leads to the reason why there was the "dummy" created) and then the shot...and so on and so forth. the screen shot of Funboys gun is the only piece of footage that actually remains (possibly? Rumours say it was destroyed, as it rightfully should be, where as conspiracy nuts believe its really out there somewhere) and was included in the film.
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Dan writes:
Me and my friends have hypothisized about this alot, I have heard different therories that the shot that killed brandon lee was kept in the film but have never had it pointed out to me, does anyone know more about this story or a web site that I can check out? Email me or I'll check this place out alot
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vampros writes:
To correct every one here, the scene where Brandon (may he rest well) was NOT deleted from the was actualy the scene in Funboy's Appartment over the "Pitt" the bar where T-Bird, Tin Tin and Skank all drink with fun boy, the scene called for a stunt and firearms pro to handle the gun, but through what ever process it was decided that the actor Michael Massee who played Fun Boy in the movie was to be the one handleing the gun in the scene, and that was the place and time that brandon met his time to leave us by sheer accidental and unfortunate turn of events, Michael was bu no means responcable and took just aver a year sabatical from movies and entertainment due to the shock and pain he felt over the accident...that is what REALLY happend
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GwenGrrl writes:
stop showing off your "Crow" trivia, one said ANYTHING about the scene where Brandon Lee died untill the first person just posted that out of NOWHERE!
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Lil'_Squishy writes:
See, I heard that the scene that he dies in, is when he is standing on the table, and all the guys shoot at him and he falls off the table. I heard that when they shot at him, nobody realized what had happened, and they kept playing along and laughing, and waited for him to get up, but he never did. Maybe I heard wrong... just thought I'd add my two cents.
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