World is Not Enough, The Easter Egg - "Ian Fleming" Appearance

In the scene where bond is running along the docks with the helicopter chasing him with the cutter, he stops and makes his car shoot the helicopter by remote control. On one of the crates behind him, you can make out the name "IAN FLEMING", the creator of James Bond.

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Contributed By: Vulpecula on 07-31-2000
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Robinzio writes:
Some of the Bond films were adapted from Fleming's books and some weren't. The last film that was an adaptation was "The Living Daylights" which Fleming wrote as a short story. Goldeneye was the name of the home of Ian Fleming before he died and The World Is Not Enough was used in On Her Majesty's Secret Service as Bond's cote d' arme (actual latin translation - "the world is insufficent".)
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Xinithorp writes:
Ian Fleming based James Bond's adventures on some of his own. There's even a photo of him on a beach with a girl similar to a scene from "Dr No." I believe Fleming wrote about twelve or thirteen Bond books. If you read "Diamonds are Forever," which I believe is the book after "From Russia With Love," It will go on to explain what happens to Bond after being stabbed by Klebb. I find it interesting how the part after the train (in the movie) with the boats isn't even in the book. That's an interesting egg.
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Mana7 writes:
Ok... and thus, is the creator of James Bond. He created the persona. Yes, in his books he did write as though suggesting he based his fictional character upon a real-life secret agent, but in all reality, Bond was merely an imaginative persona. If you really want to flex your Bond knowledge, why don't you explain this to me. How does Bond survive the poison SMERSH director Rosa Klebbs cripples him with when she stabs him with the shoe-knife? The book "From Russia with Love" ends with this and never explains, and as I simply found it in my grandma's basement, I don't know where to find whichever book continued the series.
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RE: Rosa Klebb; She doesn't actually get him in their rather lame scuffle. He fends her off by holding her back with a chair, pinning her against the wall. The Bond girl, Tatiana Romanova, shoots klebb leaving Bond to say "She had her kicks." Interestingly enough, the girl that Bond is getting to grips with at the beginning of the movie, Sylvia Trench, is the same Bond girl that he meets in a casino,in Dr No. He beds her and jets off to Jamaica on his mission. She even quotes this in From Russia. There is even chronology from the last film where she says she hasn't seen him in six weeks!
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007 writes:
Actually Ian Fleming made the James Bond books, not the movies. The first 4 movies were based on his books.
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As far as i'm aware, Ian Flemming wrote the books for the majority of the movies up until A View to a Kill. The major character in the movie production was Albert R. "Cubby" Broccoli.
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Actually, the living daylights was the last movie based on Fleming's novels, which makes 15 movies based on Ian Fleming's novels.
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