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In a Babylon5 episode in the 2nd season (don't know the exact name) Captain John Sheridan is presented with a "John Sheridan" Teddy bear, complete with a monogrammed "J.S." on it. He is less than thrilled with the toy, and ends up flushing out the airlock by the episode's end. This bear is actually a toy presented to series creator J Michael Stryczinski (also initials "J.S"), whom was also less than thrilled with it, and played this irritation out through his show's namesake.

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Kim writes:
Some Of The Rest Of The Story : The bear was a point of fun between JMS and Peter David, who wrote the episode. JMS added the "Bear Spacing Scene" after the script was submitted. Peter David responded by writing the bear into ANOTHER series he was working on, called "Space Cases" (a Nickelodeon show). In that show, they found a stuffed bear outside the ship, which was revealed to have been deliberately left behind and infected with a virus by another race who left them as booby-traps. The characters in "Space Cases" asked "What kind of sicko would space a TEDDY BEAR?" The race was named "The Straczyn",in honor of the Original Teddy Bear Spacer.
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Bluestar writes:
Just in the interests of accuracy, it's a Season Two episode called 'There All The Honor Lies'.
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cathy writes:
According to my friend Debbie, who babysat for the Davids for a couple of years, when Peter decided to do the Space Cases episode JMS looked high and low for the teddybear, but it had been adopted by someone. So Myra, who had ordered the original bears, got on the phone and called Vermont Teddy Bear Company and requested a new one. They told her that they had discontinued that size bear but, after a few phone calls and a bit of looking around, found a couple in stock and were able to get one rushed out to the set in time for filming. To be on the safe side, Myra had a few extras made up.
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Capt-SirJohn writes:
A little more info: In filming this particular scene, they put the teddy bear on a pole, taking great care to insert the pole at the point where the teddy bear's rectum would be, showing just how "less than thrilled" JMS was. I don't remember where I saw it (I think it was at "The Lurker's Guide to B5" website), but it included a picture. If I find the reference again, I'll post a link to it.
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SciFiGirl writes:
This is one of my favorite gags from the entire show. If you have The Babylon 5 Security Manual there is a reference to it.
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