Moulin Rouge Easter Egg - From Motivation to Out Takes - 15 Eggs

As far as I'm aware, there are 15 eggs, all in sequential chapters, thus if all you need to do is find the first one and skip ahead to the next, and the next, and so on. They begin at chapter 50 and end on 64.

Some have already been mentioned before, and others I haven't found out how to get to them, but that doesn't really matter if you just skip to the next chapter. All of these are on the second disk.

50: Baz explains the motivation behind the tango.

51: Elephant Out take. [go to costume design, a courtesan's wardrobe, then 4 or so pictures forward and click on the green fairy] It's the end of Nicole's 'One day I'll fly away' and heading into the Elephant Love Medley.

52: Nicole gets the giggles during 'Your Song'

53: Baz and co. are driving along, talking about a blizzard, with a close up at the end.

54: Baz explains the wonders of ADR. [go to the Spectacular Spectacular area, and two pictures in click the green fairy].

55: Nicole's rehearsal to apologise to the Duke. [Set Design, then to the Gothic Tower, then 5 or so pictures in and there's a red windmill. Click on it.] Funny ending.

56: A couple of older guys are getting a few make-up touches on their chests. Very short.

57: Table top dancing. [Go to to Costume Design, Bohemians section, then 5 or 6 pictures in is a red windmill.] Ewan and co. do the can can on top of a table.

58: Ewan's send off. By far the funniest of them all. Since the gag is the surprise, I won't reveal it here, but it's well worth it!

59: Toulouse standing around and we get a height comparison. Not very long.

60: Baz and something to do with a hammer.

61: Baz dancing around like an idiot.

62: Hats go flying . . . and stay up there!

63: Toulouse in a Sitar.

64: Out take on Ziddler.

Those are the only ones that I'm aware of, and a lot of them were covered in other eggs with instructions about how to get there. But all you need to do is find one and then skip to the next.

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Crator77 writes:
Can someone explain what this person means by Chapters? I thought it meant skipping through like scenes, but that doesn't seem to be it or I probably don't know what I am doing. I have found some of the eggs but not all of them, I would really appreciate if someone would point out how exactly to find all of these it would be nice, thanks.
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laylah22 writes:
OK, this is how it works with my DVD player. If you have a button on your remote control called "display", press this and it should bring up some options on your screen. On this screen you can then type in the chapter number in the title section. The eggs start at 50 and end at number 64. I could'nt skip through them by pressing next so I had to type each egg number in and press enter.
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Chances are, this is on a region 4 DVD, since it works fine for me. Second disk, by the way. But on my DVD player, there's an option where you can bring up this menu bar. It allows you to (among many other things), change the camera angles, set Dolby 5.1, and . . . chose which title/chapter you want to see. Great for finding those eggs.
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pyanfar writes:
Ok, my dvd player wants me to pick a title as well as a chapter. So, which title are these on? Thanks!
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leelee writes:
How do you find them on the two disc set?
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medgirl writes:
I'm having trouble moving forwards and backwards between these scenes - is there a trick to it? It's not working for me with the fast forward/rewind or right/left cursor arrows.
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malia writes:
i have no idea what to do to get to that. I really need help because i really want to see it. Will someone please help me!
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On some DVD players, it displays the Title (generally the movie would be no.1), then the Chapter number (which, on a CD, would be its track number). On my player, it runs from Title 50 (or so) through to 64, not chapters. But skipping ahead from one track to the next works fine, but obviously some machines are more fussy than others.
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Marmelstein writes:
These are not really hidden eggs. These chapters are part of the 'Behind the red curtain' feature When you watch the movie with this option you'll be taken "backstage" to see how the created a specific scene.
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Allie writes:
I can't figure out how to get this to work. By 'skipping' ahead to the next chapter, does that mean to push the next chapter button? Pushing the next chapter button does not work on my DVD and I wish that someone would explain how to work this. I tried pushing every button on my DVD remote control and it won't work.
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