OK Computer (Radiohead) Easter Egg - Pictures Hidden in Lyrics

You may have noticed that the song lyrics for OK Computer are in extremely strange shapes. Several look like a random mess, but look closer and you can see that the words are actually arranged to look like pictures. This happens too many times for it to be coincidental, and the pictures also have a significance for the song which they represent.

Try these:

Airbag - Looking straight at the overall 'shape' it resembles a gun turret or a tank. The barrel sticks out on the right. Why? The first line mentions "war" and the word "juggernaut" has warlike connotations as well as meaning a lorry.

Paranoid Android - Turn the page upside down and look again at the overall 'shape'. This is the most obvious one. It looks like a face, with stretched eyes, fat nose etc. Could it be a coincidence that the words are arranged this way? Remember, an "android" is a robot with human features (this probably relates to the OK Computer title itself as well).

Climbing Up The Walls - Turn the page 90 degrees anticlockwise, so the song title is on your left. Hold page about a metre away and squint at lyrics. The picture is a man with his back to you, clinging onto or scrabbling up a wall. At the bottom, where the words are close together is his waist. The straightish line up the middle contains his head and neck. The two arms come out at either side. The words space out as you reach the ends, signifying fingers. Yes it sounds crazy but look at it and you will see. Its too much of a coincidence to claim that there is accidently a picture of someone climbing up a wall for the song "Climbing Up The Walls".

Lucky - This one is equally hard to see, but there are definitely one if not TWO pictures here. Firstly, hold page about a metre away and squint at lyrics. To me it looks exactly like a sun rising up with a lake in the foreground. Note the straight line of words(horizon)with the lump of words(sun) above. Lower down there are a few strings of words, like waves/ripples on a lake. Evidence: The sun rises because its an optimistic song ("gonnabe a glorious day") and "lake" is in the chorus.

Lucky(again) - The second picture here is the hardest to see. Turn page 90 degrees clockwise, so the song title is on your right. From a good distance away what do you see? I believe there's a man with his back to you, wading, soaked and dripping, out of a lake. If you can see the other ones try this for a while. Its just on the bounds of possibility, and the designers have been very clever if they've managed to work two pictures into one song.

Fitter Happier - The other 'pictures' have been representations of their song's subject matter. This is the coldest, most robotic, least human song on the album, and it is rewarded with a perfectly straight, unimaginative layout. Here there is no human singing voice and no mystery. Its the only song with a regular/normal layout, so it actually offers evidence/hints that the above ideas are intentional. You could call Fitter Happier's layout normal too, but that's another song about a dreary, monotone life. Yet another coincidence.

I hope you're beginning to come round to my point of view because I've run out of suggestions! Seriously, this couldn't be accidental, and its just like something Radiohead would do (see other Easter Eggs). The other songs are just too obscure to work out, for now. Exit Music could easily be tears or rain, but I'm sure you'll be getting your own ideas...

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Contributed By: Robert on 04-16-2002
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Special Requirements: OK Computer, cassette/CD version inlay/booklet
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owioo writes:
I think i just found another two: Electioneering: The line in the middle "when i go forwards you go backwards" is surrounded by two hands (up and down of that line) pointing at different directions. (not exactly forward-backward, but you get the idea). Let down: Turn booklet 90 degrees clockwise (title to the top). In the middle of the lyrics you'll see two persons sitting and grabbing each other's hands, trying not to "let down" each other i guess. Let down (another one): If you turn the booklet upside down you can either see a sad face :-( , or some dirty scene, depending on your perception. that's all folks.
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Nessy writes:
I was trying to find the sun and horizon picture for the lucky lyrics and as much as I tried, I couldn't stop seeing this bird. You look at it normally and you see a bird flying westward. What made it stood out for me was it's eye. There's a hole right under "kill me sarah" to the right of "it's" and to the left of "gonnabe." That's its first eye and you can even see a second eye just up and to the right of the first. But that second eye makes it look scary and weird. The diagonal words under "glori us day!" are its left wing.
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Wallamanage writes:
I can't see any in Let Down but I love all the others (the wading man in Lucky is the best.) Anyway I think I've got one in track 3 Subterranean Homesick Alien. Turn the booklet 90 degrees clockwise. You should see a two-headed man standing up. Also I think there is a gun in Karma Police. You don't have to rotate the booklet, just look. The first two lines of the lyrics (not the title) make up the barrel. The words "&we have crashed her party" make up the butt.
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Braxium writes:
Let Down looks like an airplane landing, if you hold it upside down and look at the spaces.
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