BeOS Easter Egg - Turn Off Multiple Processors

If you are running a beta copy of BeOS for Macintosh Computers with multiple processors, this cheats for you. (And yes I know, most people don't run abandoned and out of date software - however some people [me] don't format their hard drive, they buy new ones. Hence they still have a running copy of it.)

Easter Egg:
If you meet these requirements go check out the processor support and you will notice that you have the option of turning of a processor. Each processor has its own check box. You can shut off both it you want. However if you do this you must realize that you will be forced to do a Hard Reboot. YOUR COMPUTER WILL FREEZE! Still, its cool.

Why it's an Easter Egg:
This was later changed so that it automatically turned on the off processor when you turned another one off. However, as it was explained to me, when they were putting together the MacWorld copy most people didn't have more than one processor and they figured that if you had more than one you would "have to be brain-dead to turn them both off." Still, the guy I talked to said that the team had "left it in because they thought it was cool". Definitely.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 07-17-2002
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Special Requirements: BeOS Beta for Macintosh Computers (The original one offered at MacWorld)
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it's me JD writes:
i suppose it's cool if you dont mind owning a pc with no active processers.
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