Winamp Easter Egg - Funky Llama Background in Credits Screen

I discovered this while playing around trying to see what other eggs were present in Winamp.

First of all open up Winamp's "About Winamp" dialogue by clicking right button on the titlebar and clicking "Nullsoft Winamp..."

Click on the "Credits" tab, see the nice spinning display with a ball floating around the screen, cool eh? Well we can make the walls look funkier too. Hold down CTRL+SHIFT and double click on the animated area with the RIGHT mouse button;

This display will go full screen with the texture of the ball (the Llama image) and the texture of the wall (gray checkerboard) reversed revealing a quite cool looking display.

If you repeat the above process while in this full screen view it will revert back to normal windowed display with the textures still changed.

PS. The display motion is subject to which visualisation you have active, if you have the bar graph style display the rings will mimic each one of the bars, if you have the oscilloscope visualisation active then the light ball will throb in size and brightness in time to the music.


- J Gaunt aka Foxdie

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Contributed By: J Gaunt aka Foxdie on 04-12-2004
Reviewed By: Jabberwocky
Special Requirements: Winamp v2.91 (the most current version at the time of writing) and an OpenGL supporting graphics card
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Clevelle writes:
Double-clicking will toggle between full screen and window, but the CTRL+SHIFT is what makes the walls and the globe trade patterns. Originally, the wall has flames and the ball has a tiled, checkerboard-esque pattern. The CTRL+SHIFT makes them switch.
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Athari writes:
The text (credits and fps) is displayed in more colorful way too.
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korax1214 writes:
Single left click will also switch back from full screen to windowed.
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Jamez writes:
In version 5.093 if you hold Ctrl+Shift and double-click on the image, it changes to a picture of a Virginia liscense plate labeled WINAMP
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In Winamp 5, you only have to double right click (no Ctrl+Shift) to make it go full-screen.
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