Halo 2 Easter Egg - Hidden Sword Ability

Flying Sword Ability
(Origin included below)

1) Obtain both the rocket launcher and the plasma sword.

2) Stand a small distance away from another person (this is easiest to do by plugging in a controller and just let the character stay idle).

3) Using the rocket launcher, obtain a lock-on on the other character (the point where the aiming reticule becomes red).

***Here's where it gets tricky***

4) Now, you must quickly switch between the rocket and the plasma sword (by pressing "Y")and after doing so, press the "R" button to swing the sword.

---If done correctly, the lock-on from the rocket will act just like a normal lock-on from the sword. It is tricky, but it does take a lot of practice. If completed, it will allow you to fly with the sword.

---For a much greater flying effect, you can use the sniper rifle instead of the rocket launcher. If the target is directly in your sights, the reticule will turn red, and you will be able to fly and slash your opponent, sometimes from all the way across a level.

This egg was created by one of the head designers on the Bungie (the company that produced Halo and Halo 2), whose name is Jaime Griesemer. As a kid, he always wanted to be a samurai. So when the time came and the plasma sword was put into the game, he wanted to be able to fly with the sword---thus creating this egg. It's actually kind of neat.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 05-04-2005
Reviewed By: David Wolf, Loginer
Special Requirements: xbox, halo 2, and fast reflexes
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Steve writes:
The only problem is, if you have X-box live, they added an auto update that took this glitch out because people were "cheating" with it in Matchmaking.
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Lil John writes:
This glitch can also be used with the battle riffle. There is also an easier way to do this glitch. First you have to have a warthog & a energy sword. Get the player with the sword to get in the passenger side of the warthog. Then the other player get in front of his ridcole until it is red. Then the player with the sword press R, as if you were sword lunging. Next the other player goes as far away as he can & the one, still in the warthog, exits it. And you will start to fly. Have fun watching Master Chief fly.
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PredatorKing writes:
HOLY SH*T! I never would have guessed that Bungie made Halo! Here's another fun fact about it: Halo is a videogame!
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ummmm.how about just getting the target thing to go red and pressing R?? works just as well!
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