Divine Divinity Easter Egg - The Developers' Room

Find all 4 pieces of the "Treasure Map". Their locations are as follows:

- one can be bought from MPenzak in Verdistis
- one is found in a "spider cave" (has entrance covered with webs, near the west end of the main map (i.e. somewhere between Archers' Guild and Aleroth)
- one in the dwarven city ("Dwarven Halls") in the prison cell next to the entrance to the mines, on a corpse
-and the final one is EXACTLY in the NE corner of Verdistis sewers, on a corpse

With 4 maps in your inventory, go to Dark Forest, the NW corner. Search, search and search again for the barely-visible entrance (it's either a stairway or a hatch, forgot which one) to the treasure cave. Fight your way to the treasure room, and....

Walk through the northern (illusionary) wall to see a tombstone with an epitaph referring to the WTC bombing!!

But - that still isn't the Egg you were collecting all the maps for. For the real egg you need a few items more:

- EXACTLY 2002 gold coins in your inventory (don't grab the gold in the treasure room; if you have more, drop the excess somewhere beforehand)
- Silver Breastplate (the one obtained through the Stalker quest)
- 5 bottles of dwarven ale (buy/get from Rimmer in the dwarven village)
- 4 ropes - from the room with the tombstone

For best effect, drop one of your teleport pyramids before entering the portal stone; it is one-way only, and you get stuck :\

Then step into the portal. Instead of dumping you near the exit (as it would normally do) it transports you to the FAR western part of the Dark Forest map (in the mountains). Watch a battle between the representatives of Good and Evil, and move on. Open a hatch (any one), use a rope on it, and...

..you have found the secret developers' room! Talk to everyone for funny dialogue, loot the bookcase in the leftmost part for a LONG book (in German :\ ), and head east. Save and enter the cellar. Now you have to find and beat the 3 bugs of game programming (just kill them all - it isn't as simple as it sounds). The talk to Sven - he'll be so grateful that he'll upgrade your Silver Breastplate to "Armor of Larian" :D

PS. I do not claim the credit for finding this egg (forgot the original source); I'm only posting it.

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Contributed By: Arael on 05-24-2005
Reviewed By: Annette, Gamer Sly-Ratchet
Special Requirements: a copy of Divine Divinity
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