Yield (Pearl Jam) Easter Egg - Yield Signs Revealed

For everyone frustrated by trying to find the yield symbols in each photo, here are the locations. Keep in mind, some are easier to see than others, but they are all there intentionally. And remember that this isn't no simple Waldo search!

1. First photo of ocean and sky: to the left of the picture is a silouhette of a concave building with two towers. In the middle of the tower on the left is the yield sign.

2. Tokyo city scene (lyrics to "MFC"): Near the right of the picture, right below the triangular roof, is a yield sign painted on the wall.

3. Two guys standing in a road (lyrics to "Push Me, Pull Me"): to the right of the picture on the wall, you will see the yield sign printed along with "Welcome to S..."

4. Picture of a teepee and grass (lyrics to "Do The Evolution): a little to the right from the center of the picture, in the grass is a small white yielf sign, amongst some flowers.

5. Picture looking up between buildings, with birds flying inbetween (lyrics to "Faithful"): a unarguable example that the pictures are doctored and intentionally have the yield signs. One of the windows of the building on the bottom of the page, near the top of it, has been changed to be a yield sign.

6. Scene of an oriental building: Dead center in the photo is a smoking shrine. If you look closely at the triangular ornament on top, thwere is a yield sign on this.

7. Picture of a fellow on a boat (lyrics to "Brian of J"): Look at the guys shirt, right about were his armpit is. You should see the outline of the yield sign.

8. Picture of two crows (lyrics to "Low Light): this one is less prominent then the previous, but they all become trickier from now on. On the crow to the left, belowe it's wing, the shadows on it's body outline an upside-down yield sign.

9. Row of mailboxes (lyrics to "Wishlist"): On the second mailbox in the row (the one that is open) you can see an indentation upside down of the letters 'MAI'. Look directly below these letters and there is a very faint outline of the upside-down yield sign. (No, the dead end roadsign in this picture doesn't count).

10. Two page picture of a mountain landscape: Look at the reflection of the second peak from the left in the lake. There's your yield sign.

11. Picture of statue silouhette against clouds (lyrics to "Given To Fly"): From the elbow of the left arm of the statue to its hip is the yield sign, nestled in the statues armpit.

12. Picture of water with guy swimming in the distance: About halfway down the picture and a little to the left from the guy swimming, is a darkened section of the water, creating the upside down yield sign.

13. Picture of a sunken lake (lyrics to "In Hiding"): In the very bottom-right corner of the picture, there is some small piles of stones or something. The pile farthest to the right constitutes the upside down-yield sign.

14. Picture of a guy standing on a cliff (lyrics to "Pilate"): To the right of the guy, about level with his hand is a section of the mountainscape behind him that has been made to the shape of the yield sign.

15. Picture of birds on four wires (lyrics to "No Way"): between the wire at the bottom of the page and the next on up, to the left of the center, a section of the clouds has been doctored to form the yield sign.

15. Silouhette of a fence with a triangular mountain in the background: Look at the tops of the wire sections of the fence (below the first row of barbed wire). One of the twists has been filled in to create the silouhette of the yield sign.

16. Picture of walkway between barbed-wire fences ("Red Dot" page): The triangular roof of the guard-tower at the end of the walkway constitutes the upside-down yield sign.

17. Graveyard scene (lyrics to "All Those Yesterdays"): About middle of picture, and inch from the right side, one tombstone has the yield sign outlined on it. It is the tombstone that has to horizontal lines across it. The yield sign is in the middle of the triangular section between the top of the tombstone and the first horizontal line.

18. Country road picture with "Harmony" & "Not A Through Road" signs: a simple one, down the road a ways, you will see the outline of the yield sign.

So that's that. I didn't include were the yield sign is on the cover photo, but if you can't see that one, good luck with the rest.
I know some of them seem like a stretch compared to more obvious ones - which is frustrated, cuz I don't want to seem like a crackpot looking for triangles in pictures - but the photos that have been blatantly doctored prove that the hid these symbols in each photo.
If anyone has any suggestions to were other ones possible might be (#13 & #16 I am the least confident about), please let me know.
Oh, and if you're still not convinced that Pearl Jam intentionally hid these triangles, take your No Code CD and unfold the entire package. Take a look at the whole photo montage and see what you find!

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 08-19-2006
Reviewed By: racedogg2, MorPH
Special Requirements: Yield CD insert... magnifying glass is helpful
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