Starcraft Easter Egg - Aliens and Starcraft

Several of the funny sayings you get when continuously clicking on a unit are from the film Aliens. For example: the terran marine will say "How do I get out of this chickenshit outfit" a line Bill Paxton said in the movie. Also, the dropship pilot looks and talks just like the pilot from Aliens and issues a couple of sayings directly from the film: "Were in the pipe, 5 by 5," and "Strap yourselves in boys, we're in for some chops." Several Blizzard games give subtle tributes to science fiction films such as Aliens, Blade Runner and The Terminator. (In Diablo, Cain the Elder's real name is Deckard, a tribute to Blade Runner)

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Clammy writes:
I think one of the enjoyable things about Blizzard games is the "copying". It's probably tributes more than copying. It's also fun pointing out where all these things came from or are similair too. Although, perhaps not wanting to come up with totally original ideas for everything was a part of it, they probably had more fun trying to see how many references to other things they could get in. P.S. If this doesn't make any sense.. I am typing this at 4:30am and I feel like vomiting. =)
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Yautja writes:
Sorry but the Alien series wasn't "borrowed" from Warhammer 40k, I'm a big fan of the game myself but the first Alien movie was released a full 8 years before the First Edition of the game was ever released, and Aliens was out a year before... therefore the Tyranids weren't even around before the 2nd dang movie. Anyways, I also noticed the same thing with Starcraft as everyone else, there's a lot of Alien references and the Dropships and Zerglings look incredibly alike to the movies. Anyone else notice how the new Tyranids are looking even more like Aliens? I did, and thats why I made an almost perfect replica of a Queen from a Hive Tyrant... just to prove a point
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Van Zonderen writes:
Actually, the aliens in Starship Troopers (book AND movie) were more like insects in and of themselves that had evolved into different subspecies within a single, overall species, whereas the Zerg parasitised (and eventually subsumed, refined, and consumed the genetic makeup of) other species of life. The only Zerg creatures that are actually derived from the original strain are the Larvae. The Zerglings come from the Zz'gashi Dune-Runners, the Mutalisks from the Mantis Screamer, the Queens from the Arachnis Brood-Keeper, and the Drones from the Gashyrr Wasp. so they're actually more of a combination of the two: the parasitisation and subsuming of the ALIENS Xenomorphs, and the insectoid base strain of the Bugs from Starship Troopers. Also, in the 3-mission demo of StarCraft (I played it before buying it), you gain control of a mixed group of Cerberus Firebats and Goliaths in mission 2, and the Cerberus leader says, during his conversation with the Colonial Magistrate, "We are here to deal with the Xenomorph infestation on this planet." Also, in the third (and final) demo mission, at the end, you are told to "forget about the Xenomorphs and about the Cerberus Agency. WE WERE NEVER HERE." This sounds suspiciously like the policy of the Men in Black (from the movie of the same name).
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Mindbender writes:
First off, I think it's hilarious all the little sound bites that are in the "annoy" clicks on the Blizzard game characters, it's probably the first thing I look for when I play a new Blizzard game. Secondly, the first real craze of "little gray big eyed aliens" didn't appear historically until Close Encounters of the Third Kind premiered. After that movie, EVERYONE was seeing little gray aliens. Not to say that someone didn't see something like that before, but it wasn't a "historical phenomenon" until that movie. The "xenomorphs" (as they were named in the Aliens movies) weren't borrowed from Warhammer, they were from H.R. Geiger (sp?), something for which he is credited. Geiger has some scary @#$$!$%! artwork, the "Xenomorphs" are some of the least disturbing of his work...check out a compilation book sometime.
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Ryuugaki writes:
Van Zonderan- the book does say that only the Larvea were from the original Zerg Strain, but the Scourge (which the book says that the original strain is unknown), the Defiler (ditto), and the Cerebres seem to have a remarkable similarity to how the original Zerg parasites are described. but that's a subject up for debate ^^ PS: the funniest quote comes from the Seige TAnk and some of the Protoss. (the protoss go completely berserk occasionally- click on the Arbiter multiple times to see so.
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!!!ME!!! writes:
yes... and did you notice the subtle relationship between the Hydralisk and the mother Alien from the movie? of course you did, did not I mean :) cus ¤I¤ JUST told ¤YOU¤ about it
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Chonodhoch writes:
Starcraft was based entirely on the Alien/Predator universe, lets look shall we: Three races Humanity controled by great conspiarcies involving the growth capture etc. of various alien species, insectoid aliens which are all different depending on what creatures where involved in there creation (no effect on gameplay) and specific jobs, and finaly an honer bound warrior race that holdes everything else in contempt due to there supirior knowledge. Also these later two in both instances are created by the one master race (in case you didn't know both aliens and predators where made by the big dudes in the chairs that ya see in the movie Aliens) Also the insect race taint any land it infests with orgainc slime which they can hide in. And before anyone says that Eldar are an honer bound warrior race that holds everything else in contempt due to there supirior knowledge, the eldar are not actually honer bound and could not be called a warriour race, oh no they're just sneaky bastards. Finaly The 'Nids are ALSO SOMEWHAT based on the bug alien thing except the're made in vats deep inside giant flying organic blobs and don't cover anything in goo as much as turn the planet into a barren ball of dust and organic bits. P.S. even though that conclusivly proves that Starcraft is based on Alien/Predatore, a very ancient idea I might add, I will say here and now Warcraft and all the follow ons are based on warhammer for glaringly obvious reasons.
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Well, almost all the alien genre movies are from these 'xeno-like bug' cliches. The largest groups of aliens depicted are the 'Grey' - the two big black eyes with the pale grey skin, and the Xenomorphs, from Warhammer, which is depicted in a lot of sci-stuff (Alien, Starcraft, and maybe Starship Troopers? I don't know about the book, but the movie maybe?)
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Hammered on the rocks?
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rytek writes:
warhammer 40k rocks!
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OSiriS writes:
Actually all such aliens are based on the Tyranids from Warhammer 40,000. The film Aliens was originally played to be a film of the game Space Hulk but they decided to make it a sequal to Alien.
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