Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Easter Egg - Invisi-Bike

Head to San Fierro. Here You need to find a small town called Financial.Its located at the North-East corner of the San Fierro map(if you have a hard time finding it, there is a Well Stacked Pizza Co. and a clothes storeright next to eachother on the map). Ok you will need the BMX Massive Jump cheat for this. Jump on top of the Victim Clothes shop with the bike and ride around but keep camera on top of you so you can see your self from above. When you do this You will become "The Amazing Invisi-Carl" as i like to call it. Your shadow will be there , but you will be invisible. NOTE:I only found it to work with a bicycle and only on the Victim clothes shop that I stated.Also the camera views can all be used except for the 1st person camera

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Contributed By: Evil_Ditto on 04-06-2008
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: Gta Sa and progress to San Fierro (any platform/console) and you definitely need a mountain bike or bmx
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EGGST3R writes:
May i just ask this? Um, in what way, at all, is this a F*****G EASTER EGG???!
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Nicktrance writes:
1there is no victim only a zip shop in the area. i rode on that and nothing happened
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D5K5Et writes:
If the player was invisible, then he was in an interior. But since the player was in the exterior maps, the game was bound to load only them. All the interior maps aren't loaded, but their models are still loaded. The models of the interior maps are phantom (anything isn't able to collide with it) and have transparent textures. NOT invisible. The player either is often affected, and gets transparent. I used Crazy Trainer +151 to activate Jetpack mode, and I found many similar cases. Like the famous sky door, and much more other interiors. Sometimes the player is affected to be transparent, sometimes all the sky and the player gets black... It's all a thing of the maps.
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Nicktrance writes:
Cool I'm off to try it
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