Raimi, Sam Easter Egg - Homage to the Third Stooge

Watch the credits carefully as they scroll for the actor or actors credited as the "Shemp" or the "Fake Shemp". Raimi is a huge fan of the Three Stooges (many of his movies use sequences very reminiscent of classic Stooge shorts), and by the "Shemp" credit he pays tribute to his favorite Stooge (the "Fake Shemp" is a reference to those Stooge shorts completed after Shemp Howard's death where a stunt man was used as a stand-in for Shemp).

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Contributed By: benteen on 01-03-2000
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Special Requirements: Copy of "The Evil Dead", "The Evil Dead 2", and/or "Army of Darkness"; this egg may appear in other Raimi films as well
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miffwick writes:
Bruce Campbell played a shemp in the Quick and the Dead also.
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-_Quake_- writes:
The Fake Shemps are the stunt-doubles and special effects guys in Raimi's films. Check out www.deadites.net (currently remodeling) to find out more.
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KikiDMonkey writes:
I was at a midnight showing of army of darkness and bruce campbell stopped on by, he talked about his part in the quick and the dead. Apparently he had stopped by on the set to say hello, Sam immediatly dragged him down to makeup and threw him in the movie so the actor playing the bartender (i believe) would stop complaining about how his character would likely beat up anyone hassling his character's daughter. Well Sam made Bruce the guy he beats on. He then cut it out of the movie. BTW Bruce Campbell is a great guy.
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FusionAddict writes:
Bruce is listed as "Wedding Shemp" in The Quick and the Dead, but, from what I've heard, he is impossible to spot because the scene with him in it was cut from the film (or so I've been told). He is also listed as "Fake Shemp" in the film Darkman...you can spot him when Westlake turns around at the end of the film...it's Bruce!
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kystral writes:
I've read Bruce Campbell's autobiography. He says that they used the term "Shemp" to refer to anyone who filled in for the actors that quit in the middle of production. This happened a lot in Evil Dead.
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