Pump (Aerosmith) Easter Egg - Hidden Song

After the last track, ("What It Takes") keep on listening for a short while and a song will come on that kinda sounds like a celtic type of song or something. It kinda reminds me of the Dulcimer Stomp that they have before "The Other Side."

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Contributed By: Cameron Polson on 02-05-2000
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Special Requirements: I only have the CD, I don't know if it works with the cassette or not.
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Norm writes:
It's not really a hidden track as the first part to the instrumental plays between tracks 5 and 6. On the cassette this is at the beginning and end of side 2
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zeews writes:
It's not a hidden track. It's a instrumental piece called "Dulcimer Stomp". Its just a little extra piece they put at the beginning and end of the 2nd side of the cassette tape. Its also on the CD version, but CD's don't have a side 1 or 2, it just plays strait through. So it might seem as though its a hidden track but it isn't. You can hear the first part of it right before the song "The Other Side" which is track 6.2.The "Dulcimer Stomp" is considered track 6.1 . The reason they didn't list the second part was because there wasn't enough room on the disc to print it. There is also other "mini-jams" that are parts to actual songs; EX. track 3.1 is called going down, all it is, is the little skit where the elevator operator ask the lead singer Steven Tyler if he's "Going Down" which is meant as a sexual reference. The song then kicks in, which is called "Love in an Elevator", this is track 3.2. There is also track 5.1 which is the intro for "Janies Got A Gun" (track 5.2)called "Water song" (Because of the guitar effect used sounds like its under water, or at least it supposed to!). Finally there is track 9.1 which is titled "Hoodoo" which is the intro for track 9.2 "Voodoo Medicine Man". It's all proven, just look at the CD and you'll see what I mean. If your still not convinced, read the Aerosmith autobiography titled "Walk This Way: The Aerosmith Autobiography". Watch the documentary movie about the making of the album titled "The Making Of Pump". Or you can even get little "Tid-bits" on it in the VHS video titled "Big Ones You Can Look At". Trust me, it is not intended to be a hidden track.
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Karma writes:
"zeews" didn't understand which track Cameron Polson was talking about. "Dulcimer Stomp" is the intro to the song "The Other Side", so it is track 6 (or 6.1, like the disc credits it). But Pump also has a hidden track after track 10 ("What It Takes"), uncredited. Cameron Polson think it is similar to "Dulcimer Stomp", but it's another song. They are pretty different, I wouldn't say they are really similar, indeed.
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Cory writes:
Some people refer to this track as "The Jam."
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